Juventus-Turin 4-1, report cards: Ronaldo engineer, Dybala true luxury; Belotti struggles, Lyanco distances


These are the report cards of Juventus after the 4-1 victory against Turin in the Mole derby, anticipating the 30th day of the Serie A championship:
6 Buffon
Everything would have been fine, on the day of the record (648 races in A, one more than Paolo Maldini): it takes parades and a flight not far from Belotti’s penalty.
7 Cuadrado
For some time now, he has been the best black and white full back: he annexes the entire lane and places a great goal.
6.5 De ​​Ligt
Head, he takes many, and with Belotti always a bumper car. For, now a regular customer of the var, getting yellow (and disqualification).
6 Bonucci
Challenge number 400 with Juve, hurry up with ordinary administration.
6 Danilo
Look out for yours, with some timid advances.
6.5 Bentancur
In the middle, the best.
5.5 Pjanic
Slow trend: Sarri the lever in the start of recovery.
5.5 Rabiot
He often seems to have his head elsewhere.
5.5 Bernardeschi
He runs and guesses the movements, but at the moment of the choice he draws the wrong envelope.
7.5 Dybala
Not a big game, about 90 minutes, but he invented a goal of his, directing the afternoon: and when eight goals (out of 11) put them on 0-0, have it a luxury (and an advantage).
7 Ronaldo
More than shooting he triggers the triggers, offering the fuse at Cuadrado’s 2-0. Then, at free kick number 43, the joker comes out and ends the derby.
6 Matuids
Dynamic, at least.
6.5 Douglas Costa
It affects fate and the match report.
7 Sarri
Game in bursts, but continues to clear the path of the goal.


These instead the grenade report cards:
5.5 Sirigu
In the end, they shot him up, but without epochal blame.
5.5 Izzo
He puts his leg on Dybala’s diagonal, ending up deceiving his goalkeeper.
4.5 Lyanco
He grants Dybala social (and lethal) distancing not required by the profession, and does the same on the Cuadrado slalom.
5.5 Bremer
Thus, for his part the grenades suffer.
5.5 De ​​Silvestri
Some puffs on Ronaldo’s departures, but without collapsing.
5.5 Meit
It takes a sense of position, but lacks the courage of gambling, when the Bull could attack.
5.5 Lukic
He gives a hand in cover, but makes the mistake of never daring to start.
5 Aina
Athletic, as often happens to him, but between Cuadrado and Bentancur really tough.
6.5 Greens
Insertions, shots, assaults: the best of Taurus.
5.5 Berenguer
He tries to obscure the start of the Juventus action, but he never finds the front.
6 Belotti
Among the skies he commands less than usual (due to De Ligt), but does not give up the fight and throws in the penalty that keeps the derby open.
5 Millico
Thrown into battle to find an instant solution, he does not find it.
5 Djidji
Unfortunate intervention, on a slip, in front of your door.
5.5 Longo
After a start from a horror film, he had put the script back on line: but on possession, he does not follow the happy-end.

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