Juventus-Turin 4-1 Magic Dybala, pearl Ronaldo


Joya unlocks at the start, Cuadrado doubles, then Belotti shortens the distance on penalty. Cristiano closes the accounts with his first Juventus goal on a free kick, in the final Djidji’s own goal

Juventus passes the derby exam and does not stumble in the tense traps, in this very enjoyable derby, by a Bull who does not look bad, despite the passive. Sarri’s team wins 4-1, dragged by its champions: Dybala uncork the stracittadina, Ronaldo then closes it with his first black and white tracer on a free kick. In the middle the goal of Cuadrado and the goal on a penalty by Belotti. In the end Djidji’s own goal.

Bernardeschi is there, outside Nkoulou

In his first Mole derby as a coach in Serie A, Moreno Longo offers a surprise even before this Juventus-Turin starts: in the eleven there is no Nicolas Nkoulou, excluded by technical choice, as it is then filtered. Toro with 3-4-2-1: the pair of attacking midfielders is made up of Berenguer and Verdi, positioned behind Belotti. No special effect for Maurizio Sarri, who confirms his Juventus expected on the eve. Classic form, the 4-3-3, with the presence of Bernardeschi in the offensive trident completed – needless to say – by Cristiano Ronaldo and Dybala. The Juventus goal is defended by Buffon: it is his 648th in Serie A, he becomes the player with the most appearances in the history of our championship.

Lyanco disaster, Joya is immediately

The full of confidence collected by Lyanco does not pay off on the field. Quite the opposite: the first half of the Brazilian defender is literally disastrous, bringing the two goals of Juventus to consciousness. And then, not even the time that Maresca whistles the start of this derby number 200 (and number 150 in Serie A) that Dybala immediately freezes the bull’s expectations. It is the third minute: Joya drinks Lyanco in the heart of the area with a disarming simplicity, puts Izzo in her seat and tries a desperate recovery, and then punishes Sirigu. It is now a feast for the bianconeri, an uphill derby for the grenade.

One-two in 30 minutes

In the first half hour Juventus takes possession of the midfield, thanks to an inspired Bentancur and tries several times to put on the ropes a Bull who, however, has the merit of remaining with his head inside the game, suffering a lot and not skimping on an afternoon of sacrifice . The chances in the first thirty minutes are all for Sarri’s team: Bentancur almost doubled on 11 minutes; Danilo tries from distance but Sirigu is careful (13 ‘); Sirigu still punches us in Ronaldo (18 ‘) and thirty seconds later Bernardeschi wastes a very tempting chance with a reversed shot which ends in the corner. At 29 ‘Juve passes and makes 2-0: Lyanco surrenders his left flank to Cuadrado, who slips with a nice diagonal Sirigu. Lyanco still guilty, as on the first goal.

Verdi inspired, Belotti makes 13

The Toro di Longo, however, does not disunite, on the contrary, he immediately tries to shorten the advantage, when a proactive Verdi produces the first shot on goal by the grenade (32 ‘), engaging Buffon. In this final phase of the first half Juventus have the demerit of slowing down, perhaps convinced that they can control the double advantage, while the Bull begins to enter often on the right with De Silvestri and increases the engine rpm. Toro’s effort is rewarded in the finale, when Verdi throws a conclusion that ends up on De Ligt’s wide arm. Maresca does not assign the penalty in real time, then Irrati dal Var calls him back to the monitor and, after reviewing the action, Maresca decides to shoot from the spot. Andrea Belotti, cold, does not make a mistake, making his thirteenth goal in the championship, the fourth in a row. At the 2-1 Juventus-Turin interval.

The pearl of Cristiano

In the start of recovery, Pjanic out for Matuidi; after ten minutes inside Douglas Costa instead of Berardeschi. In the second half we see a positive Bull, who begins to believe in the comeback, capable of making himself dangerous (again) with Verdi (at 50 ‘and 53’ Buffon tells him no). Belotti takes the crossbar and immediately after the grenades they also do the virtual 2-2, but the action begins with the offside position of the Rooster. Meanwhile, as soon as he enters, Douglas Costa immediately opens the gas by immediately touching the network (56 ‘). After the hour of play, the scene takes off Cristiano Ronaldo. And on the 60 ‘, Maresca whistles a free-kick for Juventus from the edge for a touch of Aina’s hand (right): Cristiano Ronaldo invents a powerful parable that becomes the 3-1, his 25th goal in this championship and his first joy on punishment since he is at Juve. There is still time to see a goal, and that is what Djidji puts in the door of the Bull for the most classic of own goals.

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