Juventus transfer market, decision taken on Sarri


Maurizio Sarri (Getty Images)

Juventus has decided, forward with Sarri, less than one suicide in the league with the loss of the Scudetto. Market oriented on players liked by the coach

The coach of the Juventus next season? Maurizio Often. According to ‘Sportmediaset’, unless a sensational harakiri in the league (the Scudetto remains one step despite the last disappointing results), the Juventus club will continue with the Tuscan coach. The decision is also the result of the difficulties facing substitute: Guardiola, after the Tas turnaround, he will certainly stay in Manchester City, and other names like Simone Inzaghi they don’t seem to tease society too much …

For the same source, with the confirmation on the bench Sarri will also have more power on the transfer market, in the sense that the management’s choices will be oriented on profiles that are congenial to his idea of ​​football. Jorginho, Zaniolo e Belongs to the names at the top of the Juventus list which, not surprisingly, are very welcome to the Juventus coach. So Sarri would no longer have an ‘alibi’ …

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