Juventus-Atalanta: penalties are right, the real scandal is the rule


89 minute of what more like one scudetto challenge this unfortunate championship is able to offer us, that is the splendid one Atalanta Gasperini less than nine from the top on the field of Juventus which has dominated the past eight years of Italian football. Ends with a penalty in favor of the strongest, for a hand ball laughable, which makes the pair with the first penalty, for a still hands more ridiculous. If you are ready to shout “Juve ladra” and others amenity of the kind that now in A league they represent a tradition, stop for a second: the penalties are right, it is the rule to be one scandal.

Juventus-Atalanta goes on file as the match that officially closed the 2019/2020 season. In reality it was all narration: the Goddess is wonderful, beautiful to dream that the provincial of beautiful football could dethrone the powerful bianconeri, but as Gasperini said the championship was already finished long ago. Collapsed the Lazio, not received theInter post-Covid, even if he had lost Juventus by six points ahead of Saturday, the scudetto would have won it in advance, in Italian football that looks more and more like League e Bundesliga, where the games that count are 4-5 throughout the year, the rest makes volume.

Cleared the field from the misunderstanding of the “championship challenge”, which always brings a certain tension load, we can focus on the real case of the day: the penalty, indeed the penalties, for Juventus. A great classic, on which controversy immediately broke out. The two episodes are similar: in the second case, Muriel evidently touches with wide arm a loose ball in the middle of the area, in the first one cross slams on the elbow of De Roon, on the other hand enough attached to the chest. Anyone who has ever played football, such a penalty would never blow it. Giacomelli he assigned them both. And the most serious thing is that he did the right thing, regulation in hand.

“It is usually an infringement if a player touches the ball hands / arms when these are positioned unnaturally increasing the space occupied by the body “. With these two lines of interpretation, at the beginning of the season the “caste” arbitral The Hague has once again mortified the spirit of the game, elevating the referees to inflexible winners, always with the whistle in the mouth and the index finger pointed towards the disk. It’s not just about Juve-Atalanta. And from last August (remember Fiorentina-Napoli?) that things go like this, except for topical and sensational exceptions (last Sunday Locksmiths not even in front of the Var he saw the sensational hands of Mancini in Roma-Parma: it’s all part of the Italian referees’ sample). Reading the rules, it is difficult to blame Giacomelli. De Roon’s penalty still remains borderline, but at the bottom he has also increased the space of the body, for the simple fact that an arm par excellence is not part of the body. It is no coincidence that Serie A has touched the since the beginning of the year absolute record of penalty awarded, more than any European tournament.

So though, it is no longer football. The penalty, the maximum punishment, should punish an advantage or a damage caused. In the current interpretation we are now closer to basketball that to football, where a foot touch it is always sanctioned: but they don’t give you there free throws for a fortuitous carambola, only our referees (because whatever Nicchi says, things don’t always go like this abroad) have chosen this application of the rules. Result: the last game that counted of the year was decided by two penalties that football have nothing to do. But in the end it is the right end of the season: a championship that after the coronavirus it no longer made sense, it ends in a meaningless way.

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