Juventus against Cagliari 2: 0, Cristiano Ronaldo did not score


After we got first stage single performances by Zlatan Ibrahimovic in Milan’s 1-4 win over Sampdoria, and Chiro Immobilia’s 35th goal on the way The safest to win the golden shoe, There were three late games that closed the 37th round in Serie A. Juventus who won the championship just a week ago experienced a drop in tension and lost 2: 0 at Cagliari, Roma secured fifth place after 2: 3 over Torino and Fiorentina scored an easy 0: 4 over Bologna.

Cagliari – Juventus 0: 2

After securing the championship in the last round thanks to a 0-2 draw against Sampdoria, the old lady has only one more goal left in Serie A – to help Cristiano Ronaldo win the league title and the Golden Shoe, a task that seemed almost impossible following Immobilia’s 35th goal, But still the Portuguese who is four goals away from the Italian started in the lineup. Unfortunately for Ronaldo he did not find the net, like the rest of his friends and the host from the bottom, it was the one who came out with the full points.

Already in the eighth minute Cagliari took the lead after 20-year-old Luca Gagliano took advantage of confusion on defense and pushed close. In the extra time of the first half it was Gagliano’s turn to cook Giovanni Simeone who kicked without too much power, but Gianluigi Buffon was not alert enough and absorbed his direct fault. Following the surprising result, Cagliari rose to 13th place, the old lady on the other hand, will try not to end a season with a sour taste against Roma.

Turin – Rome 3: 2

Due to another victory for Milan, Roma knew they would need three points in Turin to secure fifth place tonight, and although they sweated quite a bit along the way, they finally did so with a particularly rhythmic game. In fact, the host was first on the scoreboard in the 14th minute after Alex Branger passed Pau Lopes and scored in front of the exposed goal. Giallarossi responded quickly and turned in just nine minutes following a 16th goal by Edin Dzeko (16) and an accurate shot from Chris Smalling (23) from a corner kick by Carls Perez. In the second half Amado Diovera scored Roma’s third in the 61st minute thanks to an accurate penalty, Torino on the other hand responded with a quick goal from Wilfred Stefan Singo five minutes later but did not find the equalizer until the final whistle.

Another result

Fiorentina – Bologna 0: 4


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