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Lazio does not give up

If anyone, even rightly, at the time of the crossbar hit by Ghezzal at the Olimpico in Rome on Saturday night against Lazio 0 Fiorentina 1 thought that the Scudetto fight could end there, he has been strongly denied in the facts over the past few days.
Simone Inzaghi’s team, after having overturned the pearl of Ribery against the viola, also recovered the external disadvantage in the home of Torino and sends a clear message to the whole championship but above all to Juventus:
despite the heavy defeat suffered against Atalanta in the first post lockdown game, Lotito’s band still believes in the Scudetto and Juventus must therefore be very careful because when they win in sequence and in comeback of the matches played not at the maximum (as done from Lazio in the last four days) means that willpower, if you really believe in a goal, can really throw your heart over the obstacle.

Juve show, what an answer

Sarri’s Juventus, for its part, did not even have a very easy commitment at home to Genoa, the black beast of the bianconeri over the past few years.
Yet he sent a clear sign in response to the championship but also and above all to Lazio itself.
The victory obtained in Liguria by the bianconeri does not admit replies. The Old Lady first dominated the first half without finding the way to the goal and then in the second half she freed her talents who made a better goal in sequence than the other.
Dybala opened the dances, which confirmed his current state of grace, then Cristiano Ronaldo showed everyone why despite the passing years he still remains the strongest and in closing Douglas Costa recalled that wonderful footballer would be if the injuries did not limit him strongly the performance and career itself.
Too bad only for the goal suffered by that Pinamonti also approached to the bianconeri during the last days of the market (would anyone really need Juve like him?) Who went to violate the Juventus defense for the first time in the post Covid-19 era. Certainly, with a little more attention, the goal could have been avoided immediately, but this time it was useless to go and look for the hair because Juventus in Genoa played one of the best performances ever of the Sarri era.
All promoted, even the most criticized of the last period. Even that Miralem Pjanic who already speaks as an ex but who has honored the Juventus shirt on the pitch for all the minutes that have seen him protagonist.
The team is growing, the best condition.
Against this leathery Lazio it is right not to let your guard down for a second because with the direct clash still to be disputed, taking the final success for granted could be a mortal sin!

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