Juve, the midfield is a disaster: Bentancur is not enough. From Pjanic to Ramsey, the rest are just problems | First page


Two handballs, two penalties that further bring the ninth championship in a row, the first of the Sarri era. But even a month or so to the resumption of the Champions League. And many question marks that remain on the estate, the performance, of this Juve. Because after the blackout with Milan came the lesson given by Atalanta: if when the results do not arrive you have to keep the performances (if there are any), when the result is the only positive aspect you cannot drown the problems behind a penalty at 90 ‘. And the Gasperini gang has laid them all bare, especially in midfield. Where there is a Rodrigo Bentancur who is increasingly forced to play for everyone, to plug every flaw, to take every responsibility during the construction of the game: the frustrating error that led to the 1-2 goal is a consequence of the extra work that the Uruguayan is forced to do in every circumstance, game after game. Because Bentancur aside, there is not a single other midfielder who can provide certainties. Department to be redone on the market, but first you have to find solutions, the problem is there and the flight to the championship due to the absence of rivals cannot mask them.PJANIC – The case study, Miralem Pjanic. In a dip in yield before the lockdown, then sold by 30 June to close the capital gains for the balance sheet in good time, the Bosnian appeared more or less consciously already out of Juventus. Delayed condition, amused, cut out during construction if not for the homework. A muscle discomfort has kept him on the bench against Atalanta, but to be really useful, something that has not been seen so far should be triggered.

RABIOT – Growing in condition, the goal against Milan crowned the best individual performance of the season, but against Atalanta the usual one is back: chasing rather than running, many wrong hitting, the typical profile of who is at risk of remain a “half player”. He still has time to prove that he is the top player that Paratici was already talking about at the time of the PSG, but that has so far practically never been seen.

RAMSEY – A mystery, authentic. There is and then there is not. One step forward and three steps back. He has quality, he has talent, he has experience. But because after a whole year he doesn’t even have an hour in his legs, someone should explain it. Or maybe he should have foreseen it.

MATUIDI – Finished on the bench for a few games, he returned with Atalanta, leading the race and little more. He has experience, he has character, but playing with this spurious 4-4-2 perhaps there is no need of him anymore to cover his shoulders to Cristiano Ronaldo.

KHEDIRA – A lot has been said and written, even too much. Unlucky, unfortunate. But if you’re never there, evidently such an engagement is time to move to other goals.

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