Juve poorly built: the full back emergency is never over


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If a house wobbles the problem is in the foundation. Nothing truer, nothing more side by side with Juventus, right now. Yes, because the Bianconeri are struggling in terms of playing and creating opportunities, but serious similar problems are found in the squad, in its construction. A theme already addressed in the past, but which finds new life race after race. When challenges become more difficult, when commitments become more frequent, when an injury is enough to complicate the life of an entire department. In this specific case the defense. NEVER FINISHED EMERGENCY – If the central defenders are the most affected by long-term injuries (crusader for both Chiellini and Demiral), they are also those who enjoy a greater number: 5. De Ligt, Bonucci, Rugani, Chiellini and Demiral. Same fate is not reserved for full backs, the most ramshackle department“available to Sarri, where the only one capable of guaranteeing performance, availability and reliability is Alex Sandro. Despite some fogging too much, the Brazilian is the best. Behind him the adapted Juan Square, inserted high outside in pink but deployed right back. And then again Danilo and De Sciglio, who for one reason or another, often for injuries do not guarantee what is required to stay at Juve. The qualities would have them, but … there is always a problem. And for Sarri the question arises again: against Sassuolo there will be Alex Sandro on the return between the owners, but not Cuadrado, who will miss the match by disqualification (he was warned). And the choice will forcibly fall again on Danilo. Not quite at its peak. An emergency that has never ended, a problem unsolved since last August …

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