Juve is saved with two penalties by Ronaldo, but it’s Atalanta show. Lazio crisis: Sassuolo also celebrates at the Olimpico


Save yourself from poor figure housewife thanks to two penalties (right thanks to a rule that can still be contested) and to celebrate a crucial point for the championship. The sense of home ‘s tie Juventus against the beautiful Atalanta is all in the words of Leonardo Bonucci: “It is always hard to play against them, the team has done a great job sacrifice. It is a very important point that keeps away from them the pursuers. Tonight the group really won, this is the spirit we must have. Today it was important to win, we did not succeed but taking home a point keeps the distance away Lazio. It’s the same Atalanta that he could get under ”. The thesis and the conservative spirit of defender they arrived after the Italian champions underwent a real football lesson by Gasperini’s Nerazzurri, the second most spectacular team in Italy for detachment. Bonucci is right: the point is worth gold for two reasons, because it increases to 8 the gap from a Lazio now unable to to win even the games that got off to a good start (lucky advantage of Luis Alberto before the final meltdown with the Sassuolo) and above all because it keeps at a distance Papu Gomez and comrades, that if they had won they would have gone less than 6 to the bianconeri. In short, an escaped danger, even if the indications of the Turin Saturday evening cannot let sleep soundly Often, to the Juventus management and supporters. The Scudetto is getting closer, but to succeed in Europe it will take much more than admired (so to speak) at the Stadium.

Juventus-Atalanta 2-2: double by Cr7 on penalty after the Goddess show
The Juve he is saved twice against an Atalanta who passes the test for Europe with flying colors. Two penalties of Cristiano Ronaldo they give a golden point (2-2) in the race towards the Scudetto to the Old Lady. The Goddess plays a first half where she is higher in all respects by unlocking the result with Zapata. In the second half the bianconeri grow and find the same with CR7 after a touch of the elbow of De Roon su cross in Dybała. Both teams try to win complicit in the quality changes on both sides: a torpedo Malinovskyi ten minutes from the end it seems to reopen the championship, but right at 45 ‘the Portuguese ace – which leads to one goal from the top scorer Ciro Immobile, stopped at 29 goals – signed the precious 2-2 always on penalty that saved Juve and Often from a defeat that would open trials and rivers of critical. From the possible minus six the orobics remain instead a minus nine. For the Scudetto it’s probably over, but i lombardi leave the Allianz Stadium with the awareness to no longer be a surprise but a concrete reality. The Old Lady stretches over Lazio, distant otto lengths after the stop with Sassuolo, and put another brick towards the tricolor. After the blackout with the Milan Juve finds from 1 ‘ de Ligt and Dybala, but not even the two stars manage to avoid the Old lady a first time of pure suffering. In reality the only flashes of the hosts come just when the Jewel he has the ball between his feet: but these are extemporaneous actions, the fruit of the Argentine’s talent and his condition. It is the ‘Goddess’ in fact who makes the game, before and after the goal scored at 16 ‘by Zapata, caught by a splendid serve from Gomez, good at getting a confused de Ligt’s headache. There Juve lack of brilliance, it cannot accompany the maneuver and trigger its own deck. And when (often) the sphere is in the possession of Atalanta, Bonucci and de Ligt make a tremendous effort ad stem an overflowing Zapata. The only flaw of theAtalanta is to mirror oneself a little too much and not take full advantage of the weaknesses of the leaders, exposed by the great intensity of the 3-5-2 drawn by Gasperini. In fact, in the second half Juventus, wounded in pride, enters the field with a completely different look. Raise the center of gravity, forces the guests to look behind them too and not only to run towards the door Szczesny. And after a few minutes the Goddess capitulates. A cross by Dybala is fouled in the area by De Roon’s elbow: Giacomelli he has no doubts and grants the penalty that Ronaldo transforms with coldness. In the final half hour a new game begins, the result of the many quality changes on both sides. THE bianconeri they take advantage of the physical decline of the Lombards and the push of the Brazilians Alex Sandro e Douglas Costa, entered after the draw of CR7. The match, with visibly long teams, becomes a chess game. Sarri plays the card Higuain, Gasperini changes the entire trident by inserting Pasalic, Muriel e Malinovskyi. Just the latter draws the joker with a fireball from outside the area that slips behind Szczesny. Atalanta caresses the company, Juve has its back against the wall. But right at 45 ‘a wide arm of Muriel the second penalty applies in the area. Ronaldo is not wrong this time too: the leaders are saved, the championship takes the road of Torino. But Sarri cannot be satisfied with the test of his boys.

Lazio-Sassuolo 1-2: at the end Caputo freezes the Olimpico. For the Biancocelesti third consecutive defeat
The Lazio he can no longer win. At the Olimpico against the Sassuolo the team of Inzaghi cash the third defeat in a row after those suffered with Milan e Lecce. A roadmap that blocks any dream in the bud tricolor. More than Juventus, the Biancocelesti have to look behind them where the extremely pitched paw paws Atalanta. The race held in the heatwave ofOlimpico is the perfect photograph of the Lazio moment: the team is short of petrol and, despite the effort, he is unable to transfer the inputs from the brain. The result is a slow and predictable game. In the engine of the Sassuolo instead the fuel is not lacking, indeed. The band Of Zerbidespite nine changes compared to the previous match, he travels at full speed. Four wins in a row that allow you to cultivate the dream Europa League. Those against Lazio are three points absolutely deserve. The fact that they arrived in the final with one leg as usual Caputo it’s just a detail. In case of a tie at the final triple whistle the only ones who could complain would have been i neroverdi. That guests had not come on a trip has already been understood at 9 ‘when the young man breakdown, at the debut from the first minute, puts on the net what would be the goal of the benefit after a reboot. To stop him, due to offside, is the Var. A few moments later the guests also hit a crossbar with Djuricic while Lazio gasps. However, one of the usual ‘scooter’ descents arrives to shake the hosts Lazzari. At 33 ‘the outside makes the whole band and puts in the middle where Luis Alberto deposits the goal of the advantage. It would seem the beginning of a fairy tale with a happy ending but the recovery soon turns into a nightmare. De Zerbi works alongside Caputo a breakdown and it’s the winning move. At 7 ‘the veteran serves a chocolate that the class 2000 discards easily for the draw. It is the network that changes the course of the race. The Sassuolo it grows while Lazio, with each passing minute, collapses. The real opportunities are one on each side, Djuricic first and Immobile then, but inertia is firmly in the hands of guests. Only in the final minutes the biancocelesti experience the classic assault on the bayonet wholeheartedly, but lucidity and little. Sassuolo, on the other hand, has plenty of them and hits in recovery with the ‘killer instinct’ of the established teams. Cross from left, Ferrari bank and Caputo’s correction on the net from a few steps. For De Zerbi and his boys a great satisfaction, for Lazio one shower cold – indeed frozen – on the dreams of tricolor.

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