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Juve, mission accomplished. But how? At least 150 million capital gains were needed to be registered by 30 June. In one way or another, Fabio Paratici made them. Indeed, it went even further, reaching up to 160 million, euro more, euro less. The result of exchanges at stellar prices such as that between Arthur and Miralem Pjanic, of sales of young prospects, but also of authentic meteors that in the meantime the Serie A have seen with binoculars or just in passing. In short, the ratings have not always followed the value of the players on the pitch. But let’s go in order. ONLINE VALUES – In the summer it had been Moise Kean to be sacrificed on the balance sheet altar. Sold to Everton one year after the expiration of the contract with a capital gain of 27 million, when he was still at the top of his parable for the record boy. The same goes for Emre Can moved to Borussia Dortmund in January, generating a positive effect of about 14.7 million, which in fact in the end can be considered a somewhat disappointing sale for Juve. All in all, even the sale of Stephy Mavididi the sale can be considered correct with respect to the market, 6.3 million for the sale and 4 capital gains for a peak after a positive season in Ligue 1.

SUPER EXCHANGES – Prices and ratings of the players have skyrocketed with the exchanges: Danilo arrived in Turin in the Cancelo affair. The Brazilian was valued at 37 million euros while the sale of the Portuguese, valued at 65 million, generated around 30.5 million in capital gains. Stuff from last summer, but almost a year later the story was repeated with the overvaluations of Arthur and Miralem Pjanic the sale of which allowed 41.8 million of capital gains to be brought into the boxes with the Barcelona midfielder, valued at 82 million between the fixed part and the bonus.

SPECIAL EXCHANGES – Also on the Juve-City axis, in these hours it has been finalized exchange between the talented Pablo Moreno and Felix Correia: another 7.6 million of capital gain for Juve which adds to the million and 700 thousand euros deriving from the sales of the young Gerbi, Francofonte and Stoppa to Sampdoria, from which Juve had purchased the striker Vrioni for 4 million euros.

BETTING AND WEATHER – Also the sale of Mancuso, which passed to Empoli and never transited from Continassa, yielded 3.3 million capital gain to the Bianconeri while the North Korean Han, which only arrived in August, it was sold in the following January to Al Duhail yielding 3.4 million of capital gain. Similar speech for Mota Carvalho, always sold in winter to Monza after six months to Juve Under 23: loan with redemption obligation and capital gain of approximately 2.3 million. Finally Simone Bricklayer and Kaly Sene, two of the last sales yielded 6.8 million and 4 million euros respectively in capital gains, with the latter making the leap from Excellence with Vanchiglia to Basel in a year and a half.THOSE “BUY” – Finally, the third tier movements, exchanges and disposals that have brought about capital gains but also required a generous adjustment by the bianconeri. An example is Minelli purchased by Parma for Lanini (2.2 million capital gain) and adjustment, while the operation saw Pescara arrive Brunori for Masciangelo (1.5 of capital gain) and adjustment. Operations traced to higher numbers, once again with Barcelona: Matheus Pereira on loan with redemption obligation to the Blaugrana for 8 million (approximately 6.5 capital gain), on Juve instead Marques for 8.2 million although the contract of this was expiring after just six months. In the last few days, an operation with Pisa has also been defined which has brought the goalkeeper to Juventus Gori in exchange for Loria and adjustment.

CONCLUSIONS – In short, Paratici has made it. Speaking of Arthur-Pjanic, however, he admitted that it was an excellent financial operation, to evaluate 65 (plus 5) Pjanic and 72 (plus 10) Arthur after the Cyclone Coronavirus served a great joint effort. On the other hand, Paratici had in the past repeatedly spoken of exchanges and fantasy. You can call it that, you can call it otherwise. There are 160 million in capital gains, the balance patched in spite of everything, despite Covid as well, thanks also to the timely agreement on wages which led to a temporary saving of 90 million. The field, however, is another matter entirely. And certain assessments cannot fail to seem completely distant from the field.

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