Juve 11 points from the Scudetto: Sassuolo, Lazio and 3 points challenges, here is the way to the title


11 points to get your hands on the consecutive non-scudetto. This is the assumption from which the Juventus, once filed the sweaty tie against the terrible Gasperini gang, which is now at -9 from the top. At one point more, or -8 from the bianconeri, there is Lazio, struggling with the tensions due to a bad period, three consecutive defeats – the last day against Sassuolo – which made us forget the splendor of the army of pre-covid Inzaghi. Once the 32nd day is over, there will be only 6 games at the end of this hard-hitting, thrilling, dramatic and historic Serie A year. With due calculations, the math says that Juve can be crowned Italian champion with 11 points. Here is the path, in some traits insidious, that awaits the Sarri team.AFFORDABLE TEAMS – Juventus have three opportunities not to be missed: Udinese, Sampdoria and Cagliari, all three in a row, on 23, 26 and 29 July. It should be emphasized that in the frantic struggle for salvation, the directly entangled teams are often able to extract the ace from the sleeve, but against the teams of Gotti and Ranieri there should be no stories, at least on paper, even if the pitfalls are behind the corner. The Sardinians instead have nothing more to ask for in the ranking, currently at 40 points, outside the hot zone of the ranking and excluded from the race for Europe. With nine points in these three challenges, the championship would be very close.

Pitfalls and direct collisions – Not only games with a low degree of difficulty, but also pitfalls and direct confrontations. The first obstacle to the title will appear on Wednesday, at the Mapei Stadium, where Juve will face the Sassuolo, the best team in Serie A together from Atalanta, back from four consecutive victories and with the Europa League dream on the horizon. Monday 20, however, the moment of truth, Juve’s desire for redemption and the pride of the Lazio: the Biancocelesti will arrive at the Stadium, always winning in the two challenges of this year, in the championship and in the Super Cup final. Three points of colossal importance. Finally, there is the race that closes the dances, the one against the Roma on August 2, which Sarri hopes to play for the sports show, with the championship already in his pocket.

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