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The National Independence Day of July 4th, for the Ischitans who emigrated and spread throughout the United States of America, began to take on patriotic importance and gratitude, as it became integrated into the social fabric of the country. In the early days of mass emigration, in all the Ischia families just formed with the arrival of the last member recalled, it was only known that July 4 was a holiday in America, there was no work and there were plans to go on the beach, on large popular swimming pools or on a trip to the mountains and parks like any Saturday or Sunday. In short, for most of the Ischia immigrants, it was a normal party and that’s it.


Until each of them was recognized American citizenship, nobody felt like clenching his fist in the chest and paying homage to the stars and stripes flag when the notes of the national anthem, “The Star Spangled Banner” were released, on the contrary, it thrilled the American Docs to tears. The nostalgia for Italy left and for the abandoned country with the memories, friends and relatives that perhaps they would never see again, was too lively and poignant to make it vanish in a short time. Only time, therefore, would have healed everything, and allowed the many migrants from Ischia to embrace the new faith, that is: to swear allegiance to their new land, to their new nation and to the new stars and stripes flag. In this regard, if the fathers struggled then, to integrate into the real American life, for the children there was already the green light to attend the Hig School, where they assimilated the first teachings to nationalism and American culture, from the language to the history of the country.


The rest came later, in the workplace, in the formation of the family and in the socialization of everyday life. In short, the Ischia family of origin, from the second generation onwards, became an American family, without however denying the Italian character of their fathers and grandparents. The two national holidays, “For July” (4th of July Independence Day and “Thanksgiving Day” (fourth Thursday of November Thanksgiving Day), together with “Columbus Day” (October 12th day of discovery of America – 1492 ), are the national anniversaries to which Americans and therefore the Americanized Ischitans of America hold more than any other holiday on the calendar. For July, that is July 4th is at the top of the ranking, it is celebrated as if it were our New Year’s Eve, starting at midnight on the fateful and long-awaited day. Until three in the morning, he bivouacs in the garden of his own house, on the terrace or in other open spaces with the classic steaming barbacue and fireworks, where you can shoot them. , paying attention, of course, to the safety conditions. So after the first taste of the celebrations, you go to bed. The awakening is one that opens you to new life.


The particular feeling involves everyone, striving to live the festive day ahead with the pride and pride of being American to the extreme of their ostentatious nationalism without saving. Embassies, Consulates, Clubs, American Associations around the world organize receptions in a festive atmosphere that on some occasions borders on the exaggeration. In Rome as well as in Naples in the US diplomatic seats, the Thanksgiving party on July 4th takes shape as early as 12.00 with the preliminaries. Only this year, as the Consul General said in Naples, Mrs. Mary Avery, the party will be virtual. The list of guests will have been long and well selected. In addition to the authorities, there would have been a good number of Americans working in the two cities, at least those who would have managed to get invited to the big evening gala reception. Being able to participate in the feast of the Embassy in Rome or at the Consulate General in Naples in Piazza della Repubblica for the American doc, for the Italian American or for the American of Ischia in the case of Naples, has always been a highly coveted goal. In fact, several Americans who live in Ischia and Ischia from America during this period on vacation on the island, were sorry that they could not participate because of the health emergency that forced the Consul General to the virtual ceremony.

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