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Juha “Eversor” Tolonen played Counter-Strike at the top for years, but could not count – now he is a mathematics teacher because his career gave him lunch – Esports


Juha Tolonen wrote an improbatur in long mathematics, but with determined practice he became an engineer and subject teacher. Now he is passing his teachings on to future esports stars.

He teaches long mathematics at the King’s High School in Espoo Juha Tolonen, 34, is in many ways an unusual teacher.

Tolonen played Counter-Strike: Source at the top of Europe for a total of three years in 2006–2008. During these times, his team won the EuroCup twice, among other things. Teammates included Juha “ANGELT” Kurppa and Joona “natu” Leppänen.

– There was a bad choice ahead of Christmas in 1998, when the money was enough for one game. I had to choose either Half-Life or Fifa and I ended up with the former. It was a nice single player game, but then my friends seemed to find Counter-Strike, a multiplayer mode made for it. After all, they started playing it, Tolonen recalls.

After Tolonen visited the army in 2004, CS’s latest incarnation, Counter-Strike: Source, changed to a game. He first played it with a group of friends, but slowly the community of good players in Finland took shape.

– As a result, the Finns were strictly among the top ten teams in Europe for some years, Tolonen says.

Tolonen played successfully under the pseudonym Eversor among others in the teams Astralis, 4Kings and Insignia Cadre. In addition, he won the Nations League as the captain of the Finnish national team and represented Northern Europe as a player in GotFrag’s World All-Stars matches.

The insignia cadre’s 2006 film:

The bank account did not show success, as at that time the prize pools for the tournaments were only a fraction of the current amounts.

– It couldn’t support itself, so it had to go to study. My starting level was really weak and my math skills were such that a fraction divided by a fraction caused difficulties.

Tolose became a teacher of long mathematics even though he himself wrote an improbatur about it in high school.

He spent a lot of time on the entrance exams and practiced purposefully, as he had learned in his gaming career. He got to study as an engineer and then still as a subject teacher in mathematics. At the university, the grade for each math course was 5/5.

Juha Tolonen playing Counter-Strike in 2007.

Now he transfers his skills to Kuninkaantie high school students not only in mathematics but also in esports.

Last year, Tolonen led the Helsinki High School team Team Heklua. This year, he leads Kings Road High School teams and an esports-focused club where 57 students hone their skills in League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch and Rainbow Six: Siege, among others.

Through club activities, you can learn core skills in accordance with the new curriculum in high school through your own area of ​​interest. These core skills include critical thinking, teamwork skills, communication, global citizenship, creativity, self-direction, and learning to learn, all of which occur in the daily life of racing.

The keywords are the same as those that helped Tolose, who wrote the long math improbatur, become an engineer and math teacher: goal-oriented practice, self-discipline, and the ability to motivate oneself to do the same repetitions day after day.

– A course can be obtained if our high school is represented in a tournament, does written assignments and participates in expert visits, where the most recent Dota 2 world champion Jesse “JerAx” Wreath told me in a great opportunity in our auditorium about his career and how he ended up as a professional.

Juha Tolonen with the 4kings team in 2008. Juha “aNGeldusT” Kurppa, Samuel “God” Räsänen, Joona “natu” Leppänen, Juha “odiouz” Westerlund and Aki “kankeli” Salminen also played in the team.

This autumn, the League of Legends team in high school took 13th place in the Nordic Inter-School League of Schools. The ranking is quite good compared to the fact that the league included a total of 64 high schools, vocational schools and colleges.

In club activities, student guidance is important to improve the quality of internships. That is why Tolonen also prepares written assignments for his students.

Among other things, students get to evaluate themselves as a developing player with swot analysis and measure their own development with various tools. Tolonen also instructs them to make various goal-oriented training plans.

– I provide various aids if students want to start trying out a career as a racing player in a professional sense after high school.

Juha Tolonen teaches long mathematics, game and computer programming at Espoo High School. In addition, he pulls the school’s esports club and game teams.

Drawing on his own playing career, Tolonen teaches, for example, the importance of internal team communication and timely communication. In Counter-Strike, for example, such grinding of small details can play a big role.

“If you give a very long comment about where you are at any given time, you may be able to obscure the sounds of your opponent’s footsteps from somewhere nearby.” Tolonen hasn’t had much time to play, because as a high school teacher, daily work, assessment and lesson planning take a lot of time. However, long mathematics has many connections to games such as vectors, analytical geometry, and probability calculus. In addition to math, he teaches game and electronics programming along with another teacher.

– Mathematical understanding also helps to understand the operation of the game engine, for example in CS for the legendary cl_interp console command, ie interpolation settings. Understanding how the game engine works and compensating for delays in games will help you practice the right ways to act more accurately and reduce guesswork and frustration.

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