Judge Vogelman found negative for Corona


Supreme Court Justice Judge Uzi Vogelman, who was examined yesterday (Monday) for the detection of the corona virus, came out negative for examination. Vogelman, who developed a fever during the night between Sunday and Monday, came out of isolation after receiving the answer.

Yesterday, there was concern that if Judge Vogelman contracted the virus, the other Supreme Court justices would also be forced into solitary confinement and that the justice system in general and the Supreme Court in particular would cease to function properly.

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Meanwhile, two judges and four other employees of the Magistrate’s Court in Petah Tikva were placed in solitary confinement yesterday after a blue-collar worker was diagnosed in Corona. No other individuals are known to have come into contact with the employee, who was infected outside the walls of the court.

The Ministry of Health released up-to-date data this morning regarding the virus, according to which 1,999 people were diagnosed with new blues yesterday. 315 patients are defined as in critical condition and 95 are respirated. The number of active patients is 31,833.

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