Judge: dismissal of a wedding official from Nijmegen after corona criticism was justified


The municipality of Nijmegen rightly fired a wedding official earlier this year. That has been determined by the judge. Fearing for corona infections, the wedding official twice argued for a ban on marriage ceremonies with thirty people. The municipality immediately fired her.

The woman first expressed her concerns by email to Mayor Hubert Bruls and then to a manager. Then she also spoke about it via Facebook and repeated her criticism the Gelderlander. The municipality of Nijmegen had already warned her, but intervened after the publication of the interview: the wedding official was immediately fired for serious neglect of duty.

Breached obligations

The judge indicates that the wedding official has additional obligations in addition to the usual employee obligations. She should act like a good official and “refrain from revealing thoughts or feelings.” And she has violated those obligations: she has not properly expressed her concerns. If she had only made her concerns known internally, there would have been no problem.

The wedding official argued that the role she played is her lust and her life. The court says that this does not count sufficiently and that the immediate dismissal is justified.

Confidence damaged

Mayor Hubert Bruls said earlier that he did not want to specifically discuss the case of the wedding official. However, he said that an employee who does not want to adhere to established policies and who repeatedly questions that policy in public damages the confidence in the government.

“A dismissal is a measure that you as an employer do not take quickly. We are satisfied that this decision is now confirmed by the court,” the municipality said in a response on Thursday.

The wedding official’s lawyer says that an appeal against the decision is being considered.

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