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The Ministry of Education returns Poland’s money to parents and students

The Minister of Education, Yoav Galant, instructed the Ministry of Education that as of Sunday 26/7/20, it will begin to reimburse the students of the upper division – 11th and 12th grades for the cancellation fees for winter round trips to Poland.

Minister of Education, Yoav Galant:

When I took office, I pledged to correct the injustice done to the students and parents – and from today, the money will be transferred back to them.

As you may recall, all trips to Poland were canceled this year due to the eruption of the corona. Many parents were left helpless when they did not receive a refund of the cancellation fee and many of them even filed lawsuits against the travel companies who refused to return the money.

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Shai Carmi during the trip to Poland - Leo Buck School from Haifa - November 2018 (Photo: personal album)
Shai Carmi during the trip to Poland – Leo Buck School from Haifa – November 2018 (Photo: personal album)

Gradual process

A mapping conducted by the ministry together with the travel companies shows that 10,000 students are entitled to a refund, each student in accordance with the amount of repayment he is entitled to by law, when the amount of the refund amounts to NIS 20 million.

The process of refunding the cancellation fee, will be done gradually and is expected to be completed by the end of September, depending on and subject to the preparation of each travel company. It will also be carried out through the travel companies with whom the parents contacted or by the school.

Update from travel companies

The repayment date is expected to vary from company to company, so parents and students must be updated through travel companies, the school or through the Ministry of Education’s parent portal. They will also have at their disposal a dedicated call center that has been opened especially to accompany the move from the beginning to the end. In these information centers, parents and students will be able to be updated on the repayment date that concerns them.

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Haifa students on a trip to Poland
Haifa students on a trip to Poland

Education Minister Galant:

The delay in the trip to Poland for months has caused injustice to the students and their parents. Upon entering the position I undertook to correct it, and from today the students and their parents will get back the money that belongs to them by law.

To the call center: 073-3983966, the call center will operate on Sundays-Thursdays between the hours of 07:30 – 17:00

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