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Jope Ruonansuu was an entertaining artist loved by the people – such was the light of his life: “I got my mouth open, and the gang really listened and laughed” – Entertainment


Long-line entertainment artist Jorma “Jope” Ruonansuu is dead. He was 56 years old at the time of his death.

Ruonansuu withdrew from publicity a couple of years ago, when he became seriously ill. In the spring of 2018, the entertainer told the public that a cancerous tumor had been found in his esophagus.

– You think about it all through the children. There was concern and fear about how the children were doing. We have talked to the family openly and directly about the situation. Of course, the little one doesn’t understand what is good yet, Jope Ruonansuu told about her illness Sevensin 2018.

– I try to think positively and enjoy spending time with my family and friends. The daily life of a gig worker is heavy, and I haven’t taken such a long vacation in 19 years. All the time I’m either going or coming. The hustle and bustle ended like a wall, he told Seiska.

Prior to the diagnosis of cancer, Ruonansuu had made a major life change and underwent abdominal thinning surgery in 2015. The weight dropped tens of pounds and the man said he could do better than ever.

– I’m a lot fresher and I can move in very different walks than previously. Sometimes I get excited about Nordic walking, Ruonansuu told IS in 2016.

Jacket Ruonansuu photographed in 2014.

“In the 90s, the hustle and bustle started to go crazy”

Ruonansuu started his career in entertainment as early as the 80’s with stand-up comedy. Ruonansuu first took the stage at the age of 16 at a little Christmas organized by his brother and knew he had immediately found his calling.

– I got my mouth open, and the gang really listened and laughed at my stuff. The sky opened as if opened with a zipper. I was immediately hooked. It is more powerful than drugs, Ruonansuu told Helsingin Sanomat in 2014.

That’s where Ruonansuu’s life in the limelight began. At the age of 18, he got to show off his talents Klaus Thomassonin hosted by Claustrophobiain the entertainment program shown on MTV3 in 1982-1984. The program was hugely popular and garnered a million audiences in front of TV screens.

The star was born and there was enough export in Ruonansuu. He released his first album in 1988 and was able to perform his great idol in the same year Vesa-Matti Loirin Vesku Show’hun.

– Vesku is the grandfather of Finnish entertainment. I got to perform already in -88 at the Vesku Show. It was a great outstretched hand for him. Vesku got excited when he heard my imitation of him. That’s how I got into his top-rated program. It was a really tough thing for me, Ruonansuu thanked IS for the interview.

The popularity brought with it side effects, which Ruonansuu spoke openly about in interviews. In the early 90s, spending was drastic.

– There was a gig almost every day, and a bar counter always after the gig. The money came. It is timid to talk about money in public, but yes it just came then. I bought houses and cars and forgot to pay taxes, he told HS.

In the 90s, the man became tired and excessive alcohol consumption also had an effect on health.

– In the 90s, the hustle and bustle began to go crazy, dreams began to suffer and fire was brewed. I didn’t get to say no to anyone. Couples Burn outitha came in it, he told Ilta-Sanomat in 2010.

One of Jope Ruonansuu’s most popular imitations was President Martti Ahtisaari. He also recorded “Vara-Marana” on the 1997 album.

After exhaustion, he was struck by sudden pancreatitis as well as diabetes. The jacket underwent severe pancreatic surgery in 1999.

– It was the hardest moment. I went so close to death. After the surgery, I was in poor condition: my hair got off my head and my weight dropped a dangerous amount, 53 pounds. I was in a wheelchair, he told IS.

The comedian withdrew from the public eye after falling ill. One of his last TV appearances was Putous, where he was a guest star in 2017.

Ruonansuu is remembered for his humorous pieces, hilarious imitations and comedy characters. One of Ruonansuu’s most liked and imitated comedy characters is The Side Person, who became familiar to television viewers with the Jopet Show. The character’s trick is that it crumbles to the end of its sentences what it really intends and thinks.

– The idea for the character was born when I was a guest on Lasse Lehtinen’s Sorry how talk show in the early 1990s, Ruonansuu reminded IS of 2014.

Jope Ruonansuu began his career in the early 80’s. Picture from 1988.

The same episode also featured a guest who was awarded a prize in the program. The winner of the prize did not appear to be as taken from the prize as he gave in his words.

– However, he said he would put it in a prominent place where I threw it in a roaring voice on that “trash”, Jope times.

The throw caused the studio audience to tear. Still, it took 10 years before Side Person saw the light of day at the Jacket Show.

– A lot of side characters are asked for company gigs, for example, and in my free time I am also asked to present it.

Jope Ruonansuu married his wife Mari in 2011. The couple has two children in common, and the family also includes Jope and Mari’s daughters from previous relationships. The comedian’s youngest child was born in the fall of 2016.

Jacket Ruonansuu was seen at the 2016 Castle party with his wife Mari. Since the beginning of the 80’s, all the nonsense has been done, so I guess this is some kind of state recognition, Ruonansuu rejoiced.

This is how Ruonansuu aired his Venla victory in 2010. The comedian was chosen as the best TV performer in the audience vote.

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