Jonas Sjöstedt (V): “Costly for Sweden”


Following lengthy negotiations, EU leaders agreed early this morning on a total of € 750 billion in corona support, with a loan share of € 390 billion, and that the long-term budget for 2021-2027 will be € 1,074 billion.

“Very bad”

Jonas Sjöstedt (V) is strongly critical of the agreement, among other things against Sweden’s annual fee to the EU increasing by approximately SEK 6 billion, to a total of SEK 45 billion a year.

– The EU’s long-term budget and recovery fund are ready. It was costly for Sweden, SEK 148 billion for the fund plus an increased annual fee of SEK 6 billion. At the end of the meeting, important formulations about climate and the rule of law were watered down, very badly, Jonas Sjöstedt writes on Twitter.

“Particularly serious”

The Left Party is considering reporting the government to KU, the party leader writes on Twitter:

– Particularly serious is the fact that the EU Committee was not allowed to send out the new weakened text on respect for the rule of law as a condition for support, the government said yes to the text despite the fact that this issue is raised again and again in the Committee. The Left Party is considering reporting the government to the University of Copenhagen because of this, writes Jonas Sjöstedt.

EU parliamentarian Jessica Stegrud (SD) is also critical of the agreement.

– The package saves the Eurozone in the short term, moves more power to Brussels, indebted Swedish taxpayers and does not do a shit for competitiveness or long-term growth. Congratulations, she writes Twitter.

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