Join the Covid Party to prove that the virus is a hoax: it dies after a few days


He attended one of the “Covid Parties” organized in the United States, convinced that the virus was a hoax, but then he contracted it and died after a few days. It happened in Texas, in San Antonio, where the thirty-year-old later confessed to a nurse that he was wrong: “I made a mistake in thinking that this virus was a scam.”

Virus, Covid parties in the United States: young people organize parties to get infected
In the US students organize “Covid parties” to see who gets infected first

Meanwhile, online appeals are multiplying to dissuade young people from organizing and participating in Covid Party. From celebrities to doctors, everyone invites young people to stay home. Jane Appleby, a doctor from the Methodist Hospital where the boy died, stressed that “None of us are invincible. Please put on your masks, stay home when you can, avoid gatherings and wash your hands often ».

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