Jennifer Aniston and Patrick Dempsey: “Wear the mask”


JULY 01 – PeopleWritten by: Editorial staff

The appeal of American celebrities

The United States of America I am the country most affected by the Covid pandemic 19. The American policy of the American President Trump, who never wore a mask in public, contributed to a disinformation campaign and to spreading an unclear message.

In some states after an initial lockdown, the main activities have reopened, but with the new surge in cases many Governors are closing everything. The appeal, spread by the media and the stars, is only one: wear the masks.

The use of personal protective equipment is in fact one of the few weapons available to avoid the spread of the infection.

Among the stars who showed themselves there is the former “Friends” star, Jennifer Aniston who posted a photo of himself on Instagram and explained that it is true that it is not pleasant to wear a mask but that it must be done to protect oneself and others.

Patrick Dempsey did the same writing:Today is a beautiful day to save lives“, Famous phrase of his character of”Grey’s Anatomy, “Derek Shepherd.

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