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10 years after the fourth generation, 2021 could be the right year to see the new version of Jeep Grand Cherokee. One of the most famous models of the brand of FCA It has been in the smell of renewal for a long time and next year we could finally see the new generation that promises to be different in different respects from the previous one, starting from the dimensions up to the engine variants proposed.

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The design of the new generation of Jeep Grand Cherokee it could incorporate some of the stylistic solutions of the Jeep Grand Commander, a model that the brand sells only on the Chinese market. There are already those who have imagined the appearance in detail, such as Bikes which has published a rendering of the new generation of Grand Cherokee which shows itself with a sportier front grille and a thinner optical signature than in the past. There are currently no official confirmations but from some spy photos and rumors that have been around for some time, it is assumed that the new Jeep Grand Cherokee can use a modified version of the Giorgio modular platform, the architecture of Alfa Romeo. The structure would be adapted to the needs of the model, with the use of a dedicated suspension system.

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As for the engines, even in this case still no information has been leaked even if Jeep has already confirmed that there will be electrified versions. However, we can speculate that the entry level will be based on the current one 3.6 litri Pentastar V6 capable of delivering at least 295 HP and 352 Nm of maximum torque. Instead, the variants should first include a plug-in hybrid version. The hybrid on tap, however, will not be alone: ​​Jeep’s will is to have a modular and versatile platform that can adapt to different battery versions in the future, including a 100% electric one. More information on the new version of Jeep Grand Cherokee should however arrive later this year.

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