Jeangu used to hope that brother ‘was not gay too’ Entertainment


“I understand, but I also found it difficult,” says Jeangu (26) to his brother Xillan. “Because I thought, it is me too. Then we can just talk about it and at least we have each other. And that’s safe, we know each other. ”

Jeangu remembers that when he was about fifteen or sixteen years old, Xillan had a girlfriend. “Then I thought: I hope he’s not gay. Then it might not be so bad for my parents. Because then there is at least one that is just straight. But yes, that turned out not to be the case. ”

When Jeangu came to the Netherlands, he came out of the closet. But, he says, he has to do that continuously. “That continues to happen in all situations where you meet new people. The other day I was in a Toko on the Albert Cuyp, and the man said, “Hey, you’re on television. How many friends do you have? ” And then I thought: eeh, haha, yes. And then I can choose, do I do it or not do it. ”

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