Javier Izuzquiza dies, the patient who has spent the longest time in an ICU: 120 days


The Izuzquiza family, during the son’s book signing at a recent Book Fair.

  • Podcast for a father in the ICU.

    Radio announcer Francisco Izuzquiza recounts his family’s ordeal after his father’s admission

Javier Izuzquiza He woke up in an ICU on June 4, 97 days after entering there. He began to notice symptoms on March 13, the day before the alarm, and died Thursday after serving 120 days in the intensive care area. He is the patient who has spent the longest time in an ICU in Spain since the pandemic began.

This newspaper told his story a few weeks ago. His and his family’s because his son Francisco Javier, who is an announcer and radio producer, told in various podcasts the situation and evolution of his father. A gesture that produced a wave of tie; many felt reflected in history.

Javier was 66 years old, he liked country music and motorcycles, playing submarines, taking photos, seeing graphics of the Stock Exchange and the skirting boards of his house. This was reported in this newspaper Rodrigo Terrasa, who had the opportunity to speak with his son Fran, who is 34 years old and today used his Twitter account to tell that his father had died, as well as in his podcast ‘Looking for light ‘, related his illness and personal and family experiences.

Javier, says his son, was delighted to be out on the newscast to applause on the day of his discharge from the ICU for coronavirus. Let this small tribute serve as applause.

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