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Janni Hussi uploaded a picture taken by Joel Harkimo to Instagram – soon revealed what was actually recorded on the camera – Entertainment


Sometähti and a sports professional Janni Hussi posted a sports picture on his Instagram account on Friday in which he was to reflect on the importance of exercise. Based on Huss’s Instagram account, his cohabiting partner was chosen as the photographer Joel Harkimo and the sample eventually became great.

However, Hussi reveals on Instagram that when the picture was taken, not everything went straight into the tube and that Harkimo may not have been the best photographer. Based on Huss’s caption, the time was not the first.

– This picture was not born with one either. And not in second, Hussi is in pain.

In the Story section of his Instagram account, Hussi reveals what was actually recorded on the camera. He published three sample images of Harkimo’s shooting skills, from which it can be inferred that the images were taken one, if not another, before a successful shot.

In the first picture, only the upper part of Huss’s body adorns. Its main feature is a sports top and a Huss front.

In the second picture, Harkimo has apparently corrected the cropping a bit to include the lower body as well. However, it only features Huss’ s lower abdomen and crotch.

The third time tells the truth? Not yet, because in the third picture, Harkimo apparently accidentally managed to turn on the phone’s front camera and capture his own confused face with it.

Hussi states on Instagram that he gave a fairly clear instruction that he wanted a picture of his whole body.

– That went really well, he says.

– Semmonen’s little ps for this, so I didn’t ask for body parts. I asked for the full picture, Hussi clarifies.

Janni Hussi and Joel Harkimo have been dating for a couple of years. The couple moved in only after a few months of dating and now live in a shared apartment in Helsinki.

– The move went surprisingly easily. Of course, it’s always exciting how everyday life starts to work together, Harkimo said last year.

Hussi and Harkimo posed together at the Sports Gala in January.

Hussi and Harkimo revealed in the winter Melting pointpodcast that they originally started dating at the end of a wet evening.

– We hung out for a month. It was decided to go to the land, we were celebrating the birthday of the sun, Harkimo recalled.

At the cottage, Harkimo cooked a birthday dinner for his then-dating partner Huss. He had carefully chosen the wines to suit different dishes. The wine selections went to the button as the drinks tasted too good for the duo.

– That’s where the broth fell from the throat without being noticed. Five bottles of wine like that were poured into two pecans, the couple chuckled in the podcast.

In the end, alcohol encouraged Huss to ask Harkimo a question that changed the couple’s life in one fell swoop. He asked Harkimo if he had thought that the couple could socialize and after he answered in the affirmative, the relationship became official.

– I thought the next morning that I hope it doesn’t have a terrible carrot, Harkimo said in the podcast.

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