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Jacket Ruonansuu, who suffered from severe health problems, found great happiness in his last years – the folk artist of such a life, ie – Entertainment


The late Jacket Ruonansuu struggled with a variety of health problems. However, he found happiness in family life in his final years.

More than 30 years then only 16 years old Jope Ruonansuu prepared for the first restaurant gig of his life.

Big brother had arranged a gig for a dart club for little Christmas in Kemi in Ruonansuu. The performance, which combines imitation and comedy, saw familiar characters: MA Numminen, Johannes Virolainen, Tapio Rautavaara and Juice Leskinen.

Little Christmas was a success. FIM 300 accumulated at the bottom of the hat that circled the hall. The amount was large for the young performer.

The road to the concert stages was not painless for Ruonansuu, because the man who later became the funder of the whole nation was basically timid. He has been told in several interviews that he has been bullied at school. The bullying began when Ruonansuu changed schools and started third grade. One reason, according to Ruonansuu, was his appearance.

– I was such an easy target that I was bullied and angry about it and on the other hand I was also so timid that I did not dare to do anything about it. It was nice to bully me, Ruonansuu told Yle in 2017.

Jope Ruonansuu suffered from health problems during her lifetime, which she spoke openly about in public.

Three years after his first gig, Ruonansuu appeared on television Klaus Thomassonin to steer mass Claustrophobia-viihdeohjelmassa.

Then Spede Pasanen sat in the same back room behind the scenes of the program. The king of Finnish television and film entertainment drew his attention to a talented entertainer.

– It was such an Elvis rush, I was like Liisa in Wonderland, Ruonansuu recalled in 2010.

After that, more gigs started to come at a steady pace. The new star of the entertainment world was on fire.

The toughest years of popularity came in the 90s. But as always, everything had a price.

– In the 90’s, the hustle and bustle started to go so crazy: dreams began to suffer and beer was smashed, Ruonansuu said.

The entertainer did not recognize his limits. Like so many before him and after him, Ruonansuu did not know a simple, two-letter word.

– I didn’t tell anyone no. Couples Burn outithan it came.

In addition to the biography, four other books were published about Ruonansuu. In them, Ruonansuu tells stories from his career.

Ruonansuu suffered during his life from health problems of which he spoke openly in public. He began lifestyle repairs as early as 1995, when he was diagnosed with diabetes. The diagnosis was made in connection with pancreatitis.

– I woke up at night and it was just awful. I crawled into the toilet to vomit. After a while, I woke up with my neck on the edge of the toilet bowl. I called the ambulance, Ruonansuu says in his biography Aatteleppa ite! (Gummerus 2006).

The pancreatitis also recurred. Four years later, Ruonansuu underwent pancreatic surgery.

– It was the hardest moment. I went so close to death. After the surgery, I was in poor condition: my hair got off my head and my weight dropped a dangerous amount, 53 pounds. I walked in a wheelchair, the artist said in 2010.

After the incident, Ruonansuu experienced a revival and tried to change his lifestyle even more persistently.

– I completely stopped smoking in the autumn of 2001. I was absolutely five and a half years old when it came to alcohol, but nowadays I sometimes do, Ruonansuu said in 2007.

Absolutism made me feel lighter.

– The weight dropped and the swelling started.

Diabetes, he said, was not a nasty thing in itself, because without it, a man would probably not have changed his lifestyle.

Ruonansuu made a big lifestyle change in his last years.

Change was not simple. The struggle with lifestyles continued and in 2015 tougher measures were introduced. He underwent Sleeve surgery, meaning the stomach was narrowed.

“It helped and that’s when the pounds dropped then,” he said in February 2016.

Ruonansuu admitted that losing weight was difficult at first. However, he pointed out immediately afterwards that he decided to slim down. He assured him that he had not slipped in his decision.

– The year has passed and 42 pounds have been lost, he said.

Ruonansuu said that he had radically changed his eating habits. He said he looks closely at what he eats.

He recalled with a laugh the time when he might not have eaten all day and then in the evening devoured the food properly.

– When I enjoy small portions during the day, these include a variety of soups. I have also learned to eat fruit, he said.

Ruonansuu said that he takes long walks and hobbies Josewith his son all kinds of nice.

Jukka Puotila and Jope Ruonansuu celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Autumn Tune in 1997.

Ruonansuu got married Bigwith their spouse in the summer of 2011. The new spouse brought happiness to the life of an entertainer and they started a family together.

The couple also had two children. The couple’s son Jose was born in 2010. The youngest daughter in the family was born in 2016.

Ruonansuu also has a firstborn daughter born in 1996 Saara from their previous relationship. The nation knew the artist, her songs, and numerous imitation characters, but the firstborn daughter received less attention. The situation did not change until the birth of younger children. Ruonansuu understood what is really most important in life.

– Becoming a father calms the pace of work. It is a terribly good reason to refuse to work too much, Ruonansuu said after the birth of his son in 2010.

When Sarah’s first daughter was little, Jope spent the busiest years of her career.

– I’m trying to be more present now. When Sarah was little, she had to go terribly. I had a constantly bad conscience. It felt like he didn’t know me when I came home, Ruonansuu annoyed.

Jacket Ruonansuu photographed in 2000.

In March, 2016 Ruonansuu said that he was aware that travel life is sometimes part of his daily life.

– I think even children will accept it when they understand this work of mine and what it is. They’ve been a lot involved when they’ve been small and seen it bustle, so they realize they have to travel and go and be tired in between, he pondered.

– Yes, by the way, I’m definitely a good father, yes, I like children.

Ruonansuu, who was on a weekend gig trip in Kuopio in September 2016, had woken up in the hotel on Sunday morning. Eventually, his condition had gotten so bad that he had to ask the hotel staff to call him an ambulance.

– I woke up and thought my blood sugar was low, so I drank one Fanta. Then it started to freeze, and I went back to bed. Soon the thighs and head began to ache tremendously, the legs completely recovered and the fever rose to 39.4 degrees – at that point it was necessary to call an ambulance, Ruonansuu told the events fresh.

After the tests at the hospital, pneumonia was diagnosed in Ruonansuu, from which the artist eventually recovered well.

Esophageal cancer was discovered in Ruonansuu in 2018, after which he largely withdrew from the public eye.

Ruonansuu spent his last years closely surrounded by his family and loved ones.

– Jope’s voice had gone bad due to illness, so he made caricatures, among other things. He was very skilled in that too, he said Mikko Alatalo From the last years of Ruonansuu to Ilta-Sanomat.

Jorma “Jope” Ruonansuu died on Saturday at the age of 56. His longtime manager and friend Tapio Doggy confirmed death associated with cancer.

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