“I’ve lost seven pounds in the past few months …”


Albano Carrisi – journal.it

Albano Carrisi confesses the truth and admits his physical change in these months. The singer explains to the weekly Gente his transformation which has seen him completely changed in these months of long and hard quarantine. Carrisi explains how he managed to follow a strict diet but above all he confesses who his doctor is who follows him step by step.

The singer of Cellino San Marco explains to the weekly People the physical change he decided to undertake during the quarantine months. Due to the medical emergency due to Covid-19, the singer, like the rest of the Italians, had to deal with staying at home. This pushed and motivated Albano to completely change his diet, choosing to be followed during his diet.

The words that the singer releases to the weekly, however, upset the readers who did not expect the affirmations so Albano Carrisi. What were your words?

Albano Carrisi confesses the truth

During the interview with the weekly magazine Gente, Carrisi talks about his relationship with his daughter Jasmine Carrisi who, in recent weeks, has debuted as a singer with his single “Ego”. His father, proud of Jasmine, wanted to show and explain his physical change by admitting that he had lost about 7 kilos in the last few months.

Albano Carrisi confessa la verità
Albano Carrisi – journal.it

The singer’s words so surprised readers that they did not expect such a changed Albano. Thus Carrisi shows himself in great shape and confesses: “I have lost seven kilos in the past few months. I am following Professor Lemme’s diet. I have eliminated the excesses, the ones that are bad for your health and circumference. Unique luxury. Put glass of red wine for lunch. Waiver aside, I feel great, full of energy. There is even someone who tells me that I look rejuvenated. “

The singer followed by Professor Lemme

Nobody ever expected such a statement from the singer who decided to be followed by Professor Lemme. Alberico Lemme he has been accused over and over again in television studios of Barbara D’Urso not to carry out diets on his patients “Correct.”

Albano Carrisi confessa la verità
Albano Carrisi – journal.it

The choice of Albano Carrisi in relying on Lemme he left his fans and readers of the weekly very amazed People who, did not expect such a clear change in the singer’s physique but above all the desire to completely change his life.

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