Ivan De Witte clear about the Jonathan David case: “They made a much better offer than Lille” – Football news


Is Jonathan David still playing for KAA Gent within a few weeks? Ivan De Witte has commented on the matter.

Lille was concrete for Jonathan David last week and the Canadian seemed very keen to leave, but KAA Gent found the French’s offer for the attacking midfielder insufficient.

And so chairman Ivan De Witte referred the offer to the trash and had a conversation with Jonathan David about the matter.

There were already much better proposals

Whether that means that David will eventually stay? That is another matter, because there are still interested people who may be able to put the more than 30 million euros that Ghent wants on the table.


“The contacts came to a halt this week, but other clubs are actually interested. With much better proposals even. Including Leeds,” said De Witte in The Sunday. “But I explained again to Jonathan that we want him to play for us this season, although there are still slopes.”

Leeds United will move up to the Premier League next season and want to strengthen themselves strongly to continue acting at the highest level.

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