it’s spraying lithium in our atmosphere “, but it’s an old hoax


A post that circulates continuously on social media headlines: “NASA admits: it’s spraying lithium in our atmosphere”. Those who remember will remember that this theory has been talked about for several years and not surprisingly, in an article published on our portal March 16, 2017 we denied an old version highly shared by conspiracy theorists.

There is an official explanation for why NASA is spraying lithium, a drug most often used to treat people with manic depression or bipolar disorder, in our ionosphere, and then there is the likely reason, which is why all of this.

Words, of course, that have been handed down over the years and that 3 years ago had already been taken up by the site Signs from Heaven. The theory is argued with an audio in which a call would be heard between a woman who would answer the name of Sue and Douglas Rowland, astrophysicist of NASA. The latter, apparently pursued by the interlocutor, would admit that NASA sprays lithium in the skies.

An ad hoc mounted audio

However Snopes, as early as 2016, had shown that the conversation was actually a montage of two different audios – that of “Sue” and that of Rowland – which ended with the citation of a writer, an element that for conspiracy theorists would be the indisputable proof. It was actually the author Elana Freeland particularly dear to those who believe in chemtrails and in the great conspiracies. It is, therefore, a one-way video that does not intend to question a topic but to offer it in the only key to reading conspiracy theory.

Lithium is a tracer agent

As we reported in the previous version of this analysis (we repeat, you can find it here) a NASA note published in 2013 explained the tracer function of lithium. To better clarify the topic Snopes he had contacted both Douglas Rowland and Keith Koeler who had immediately specified that lithium was used for missions at high altitudes compared to commercial flights. Already this detail inevitably clashes with the theories advocated by the conspiracy theorists who instead claim that the chemtrails are sprayed at lower altitudes.

The tracers used in NASA’s suborbital rockets allow scientists to see what is not seen with the naked eye. They are used to measure atmospheric winds and the movement of ions in the upper atmosphere and in the ionosphere, between 50 and 248 miles above sea level (commercial aircraft fly six miles). Steam is released along a portion of the rocket’s trajectory. That small portion of steam can therefore be seen from the ground. By tracking the movement with cameras from the ground or on the plane, those tracers make it possible to study the movements of the upper atmosphere or the ionosphere.

The object of these measurements is to understand how the natural movements of atmospheric winds and / or the movement of ions behaves, not to modify them. The release would have little value if it were released to change the weather. The tracers are released in a part of the atmosphere where meteorites release 100 to 200 tons of metallic material every day on the globe, while the tracers release a maximum of one pound of material. Meteorites contain the same ferrous material.


Lithium comes vaporised and reacting with the termite it gives rise to aluminum oxide and iron, and the residual “smoke” disappear the traces. There is, therefore, no evidence showing that NASA makes changes in the atmosphere and behavior, and above all the theory of sprayed lithium does not hold: lithium reacts with termite, vaporizes and no trace remains in the sky.

Let’s talk about hoax because the audio reported by the conspiracy theorists does not demonstrate a real phone call: it is an ad hoc edited audio and above all there is no admission by NASA.

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