“It’s also a money game”: Ivan De Witte talks about title favorites and his end at AA Gent – Football News


Ivan De Witte would like to compete with Club Brugge this season – and if possible with Jonathan David. What there is a dream for the future and a second title for the Buffalos is often on the table.

De Witte realizes that Club Brugge is the favorite, but indicates in an interview with De Zondag that Ghent is going to challenge them for the highest price.

The Buffalo’s chairman sees a number of other contenders emerge: “We have to take Antwerp into account, they are very careful. It is not only a ball game, it is also a money game.”


“Don’t forget Anderlecht, there is still a lot of quality. Take Genk too. Standard is a question mark, just like Charleroi, which was already very strong last season,” De Witte sees many hijackers on the coast.

Not for drawing

But his top-3 is clear: “1. Club Brugge, 2. AA Gent and 3. Antwerp. But we don’t sign up for that in advance. The dream of a second title to stop together with Michel Louwagie? rather the day we are sure that all our work will get continuity. And we are working on that, we talk a lot about that. ”

“It won’t be another five years. It’s part of the whole project, closing it. If we don’t finish our 20-year commitment with a solid follow-up that ensures the stability of the club, the project has actually failed.”

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