“It’s a bit of a hassle” for tourists


“Every 4 hours, we are told that it is no longer good, that it must be changed. It’s a bit of a hassle!” Lisa, from Bordeaux, had to make room in her suitcases before coming to Paris for five days. Space for, at least, ten masks to hold the stay. “I took a box of surgical masks and three cloth masks, to be really, really sure that I didn’t run out. Because in Paris, they are actually put on all the time.” And like Lisa, many vacationers must organize themselves with the new regulations in force. Because since Monday, in order to avoid a second wave of coronavirus, masks are mandatory in all enclosed public places, shops and covered markets included.

Lots of organization … and money

For Hélène, her husband and their five children, it is not easy to visit the capital with the obligatory mask. Every morning, the checks go beyond the water bottle and the cap. “We add the mask, the hydroalcoholic gel … things that we did not have before. It’s restrictive,” blows the mother. Not to mention that all this has a cost. “We need a lot more masks and then we would have to buy some and… No. Why not? Because a box like that is 10 euros.”

Some don’t even plan to put a dime into it. Too expensive, or too complicated. As for Jefferson, who comes from Marseille with an old surgical mask in a ball in the back of his pocket. “I recovered the masks that I am given with my work, they are masks that I reuse. I do not necessarily follow the rules in place.”

A constraint, but vacationers live with it. Not putting on your mask can be expensive: in the event of an inspection, it is a fine of 135 euros.

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