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The no longer secret meeting between Luigi Di Maio e Mario Draghi did not leave indifferent Giuseppe Conte, who feels more and more in the balance despite the increasingly desperate attempts to remain in the armchair, such as that of prolonging the state of emergency to preserve full powers. The Corriere della Sera reveals a background on the premier, described increasingly weak and nervous: “It is always like this as soon as they talk to him about ‘banker’, as they dismissively define him at Palazzo Chigi, where they also say that it would take them ‘a minute’ to build him against an ‘aggressive’ narrative “.

That Conte is intolerant of Draghi is not news, given that it could clearly be seen from the failure to invite the States General and from the will to ignore the intervention in the Financial Times in which the former president of the ECB asked for a “change of pace” Europe. But talking to Draghi is not only Di Maio, and this annoys the premier even more, who feels the real possibility of falling in the autumn, more precisely in October. That is, after the regional ones, which will be a crucial hub to test the government’s tightness: “If we lose in September we all go home“Is the phrase that the Corsera attributes to Dario Franceschini. And if one of the main exponents of the Democratic Party says so, it is to be believed.

Friendly fire against Conte, it was him. Draghi-Di Maio, situation out of control: who made everything filter, and why now

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