«It is under hacker attack, all data at risk»


Problems for the ENAC website, reference of the Italian civil aviation: on the screen of www.enac.gov.it the site has been under maintenance for more than 24 hours. According to Corriere della Sera it could be a “ransomware” virus, which after a few days destroys the entire server with its contents if a ransom is not paid in cash.

Air transport, Ryanair attacks ENAC on hand baggage ban
Aircraft, hand baggage prohibited, the CEO of Rayaniar: «Madness, thus increases the risk of infection»

The fact is that for days ENAC employees would no longer be able to use e-mail and digital archives with all the information on the names of passengers who have flown between Italy and the rest of the world in recent years. The whole drone system has also been blocked, with the inability to obtain the online certificate to pilot them and the regulation currently in force. The hacker attack would not have been claimed for now.

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