it is the second region of Italy for the increase in cases after Lombardy


The new cases of coronavirus in Campania are they 1 or 24? The divergence of data on the new positives between the bulletin issued by the Crisis Unit of the Campania Region and the update of the National Civil Protection is not going unnoticed. In the first case, in fact, there is only one «positive of the day», with data updated at 17 today, Tuesday 30 June.

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The total calculation of the positives in Campania since the beginning of the emergency, however, increases by 24 units compared to the previous bulletin and updated at 5 pm yesterday, Monday 29 June: this is because in the late afternoon yesterday, after the “ordinary” bulletin, the The Crisis Unit of the Campania Region has issued an update relating to the screening in progress in Mondragone and in the surrounding areas, from which it appears that 23 other cases have emerged. However, the latter were not included by the Campania Region in today’s bulletin among the new “of the day” cases, but only among the total ones. The National Civil Protection, which in its daily update at 5pm today speaks instead of 24 new cases in Campania, obviously adds up, obviously adding up the 23 communicated yesterday afternoon with the new case communicated today.

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The figure of 24 new positives makes Campania the second region of Italy by increase in total cases compared to the previous day, after Lombardy (62). According to the data released by the National Civil Protection in Campania, 181 are currently positive (+19 compared to yesterday), of which 152 in home isolation and 29 hospitalized, none of whom are in intensive care.

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