“It doesn’t fit in these rules”


Carnival 2021 is in jeopardy. Major public events are not expected to take place in February, the AD writes.

Hospitality entrepreneurs in the south fear an economic disaster. The first celebrations have already been canceled. “We are preparing for a party with very great limitations,” says Jos Hessels. He is mayor of Echt-Susteren and chairman of the Association of Carnival Associations in Limburg.

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The Noord-Brabant security region has not yet discussed the matter and points to the corona measures: “Celebrating carnival does not fit in these rules. As long as these rules apply, there will be no consultation about Carnival 2021. ” Carnival turned out to be a major propagator for the coronavirus last February, especially in North Brabant.

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Virologist Marion Koopmans said earlier that she does not expect the kick-off of the carnival season to take place on November 11 this year. “The one and a half meter distance will not work there, unless that is really done differently”, Koopmans said about the ’11devande11de’.


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