It appears: Prof. Barbash will be appointed to the Corona Project; General Abulafia withdrew his candidacy


After Health Minister Yuli Edelstein announced earlier this month that he would appoint a project manager in favor of the fight in Corona, today (Tuesday) it appears that after the disputes the hearing was decided and the spoils fell. Prof. Gabi Barbash, the former director general of the Ministry of Health, will be appointed to the position of project director for the fight against the virus. Good luck to Prof. Barbash.

Earlier this week, we reported in “Israel Today” that the two main candidates are Professor Gabi Barbash and Major General Amir Abulafia, whose candidacy was first revealed in “Israel Today”. Sources involved in the decision said that the talk with the two candidates has ended and in fact are now waiting for the decision of one of them. According to the sources, “Whoever closes first – we will go with him.”

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Recall, during a press conference that took place on July 6, about two weeks ago, Health Minister Edelstein announced his intention to fill a provocateur for the fight against the virus. “The Corona struggle is difficult and complicated, an elusive enemy who knows how to hide well. The feeling that accompanies the whole world and us Israelis is uncertainty. Decisions are made seriously, only together will we defeat the plague. So what do we do? For my choice. ”

Edelstein: “A reality in which a public struggle begins with every restriction will lead us to a complete closure” // Photo Archive: Yoni Rickner

In recent days, talks have taken place with the candidates on the issue of the powers that the projector will receive. The powers that are clearly to be transferred to it are related to the epidemiological and serological tests. In addition, it is clear that the project to be appointed will work under the Ministry of Health and will include the work of all government ministries.

The professor who became “the commentator of the state”

Prof. Barbash (70) has been a well-known figure in the Israeli public for decades. He served for two different terms as director of Ichilov Hospital, and on November 4, 1995, he became one of the main figures on the night that the late Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated, with the prime minister addressing Ichilov, where he was pronounced dead.

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