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++ Istat: more than half a million fewer employed since February ++
Between Covid and lockdown, more contained drop and recovery hours in May
(ANSA) – ROME, JULY 02 – Between Covid emergency and lockdown, “since February 2020 the level of employment has decreased by more than half a million units and job seekers by nearly 400 thousand, against an increase in inactive of almost 900 thousand units “. This is what ISTAT indicates in the comment to the provisional data on employed and unemployed in May, underlining that in any case the latest monthly data “describe a different evolution compared to that of the previous months: compared to March and April the decrease in employment is more contained, the number of unemployed rises significantly as a result of the containment of the restrictions envisaged by the Prime Ministerial Decree of 26 April and a substantial recovery in hours worked is observed “. (HANDLE).

In May, the decrease in employment “continues at a slower pace” than in April, the month of full lockdown, which on a monthly basis marks a -0.4% equal to -84 thousand units, mainly involving women (-0 , 7% against -0.1% of men, equal to -65 thousand and -19 thousand respectively). Istat notes this in the provisional data on employed and unemployed people. The economic downturn in employment determines “a significant drop” compared to May 2019, recording a -2.6% equal to -613 thousand units, involving both women (-270 thousand) and men (-343 thousand).

In May, with the gradual reopening after the lockdown, the number of people looking for work began to grow again, with an increase of 18.9% equal to + 307 thousand units, which is more prevalent among women (+ 31.3% , equal to + 227 thousand units) compared to men (+ 8.8%, equal to + 80 thousand). Istat points out this, thus indicating that the unemployment rate goes up to 7.8% (+1.2 points) and among young people to 23.5% (+2.0 points).


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