Israir is also extending the Knesset by many months


Flights abroad are moving away. Over the weekend, Israir announced to its 225 employees that it is extending their NAP period until February 2021. The company understands that the activity will not return to normal in the coming months.

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El Al also requested and received approval last week from the Histadrut to extend the pilots’ sick leave until December 2021, which will be canceled if the company returns to 75% activity compared to its pre-Corona activity.

Israir Airlines Photo: Israir

Uri Sarkis, CEO of Israir, wrote to employees, among other things, that “an English proverb says – hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. Therefore, in parallel with our organization for a certain opening of the tourist activity in late August, we made today a difficult decision of extending the period of application until the end of February 2021. ”

He added, “At this time, when the incident at the national level seems to be out of control, we as management have a double responsibility to increase Israir’s survivability. On a personal level, I believe it would be unfair to roll out those staying in the IDF from one month to the next. It is right to allow you to get organized and economize your steps. Dear crew, I am all hopeful, that I will be a disappointed pessimist, that the sky will open and our flight attendant will fill the void. Thus, we can answer at least some of you, before the end of February 2021. I pray for good. Wishing for the best. I’m sorry for the bad news. ”

It should be noted that Israir recently fulfilled part of a state-guaranteed loan of NIS 110 million and has meanwhile withdrawn NIS 75 million from it, which will help it go through the long period expected until it returns to normalcy.

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