Israel and India will jointly test technologies for rapid identification of corona patients


In the coming weeks, a special plane will take off from Israel to New Delhi with a delegation of the Director of Military Development at the Ministry of Defense (Mapat). The goal: a large-scale Israeli-Indian experiment that will test four technologies for rapid detection of corona patients.

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The operation, jointly with the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Defense and Health, together with the Office of the Indian Chief Scientist, will be the final stage in a study that has been going on in the country for several months. The special flight, which will be attended by Israel’s Ambassador to India, Dr. Ron Malka, will also bring to India advanced Israeli technologies, donated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the private sector and designed to help India deal with the country’s acute corona crisis.

Dr. Danny Gould, Head of Mapat Photo: Ministry of Defense

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Mapat has tested many dozens of detection and detection technologies. The cooperation between Israel and India will allow the delegation to collect tens of thousands of samples in just ten days and transfer them for decryption in computer systems based on artificial intelligence. This massive sampling will allow processes to be shortened and technologies approved. All tests will be validated by PCR.

“The goal is to perform tens of thousands of tests in India, which will be tested in parallel with a proven PCR test, to verify the reliability of the results,” said Dr. Danny Gould, head of Mapat, today. “These are tests whose results can be obtained in no more than a minute, and will allow us to later open up the economy under control.”

India is still battling the first wave of the virus. To date, more than 1.4 million carriers have been identified and more than 28,000 Indians have died from corona. As part of the tightening of relations between the two countries, which is reflected, among other things, in making India the largest customer of the Israeli defense industries, since the beginning of the Corona crisis, the two countries have agreed to provide mutual assistance and technological and research cooperation. The Government of India is putting in place a local team for the experiment, numbering about 100 professionals to support the activity and many dozens of people at the stage of setting up the inspection complexes, which will be operated jointly by Israeli and Indian teams.

The Israeli delegation consists of about 20 members from the Ministries of Defense, Health, the IDF and the relevant industries. It will be headed by the Israeli Ambassador to India, Dr. Ron Malka, and the IDF Attaché and the Ministry of Defense in India, Col. Assaf Meller. The delegation was professionally led by Prof. Nati Keller, an infectious disease specialist at the Sheba Tel Hashomer Center, and Itai Gordon, head of the innovation department at the Ministry of Health. Along with Mapat staff, the delegation will also be joined by engineers and developers from the companies that developed the innovative diagnostic technologies.

Station of checked and drive Station of checked and drive Photo: Shaul Golan

The four technologies that will be tested in India are: sound wave analysis, owl-detection test based on terra-hertz waves, isothermal detection and polyamine acid testing. What they all have in common is the ability to diagnose the presence of the virus in the body quickly, sometimes within minutes. The development of diagnostic capabilities is a national goal of Israel and of many countries in the world, as it is the most effective way to interrupt the contagion chains, prevent prolonged isolation and allow for the reopening of the global economy.

Sound wave analysis – an online voice test, based on artificial intelligence, which aims to detect the presence of the corona virus and deterioration in the respiratory system, by analyzing the human voice only and identifying changes characteristic of the voice of a patient with the virus.

Owl Testing – Terra-Hertz-Based Identification – The Corona Exhalation Corona Project is a knowledge-intensive and multidisciplinary project that combines cutting-edge technology in the fields of terra-hertz spectroscopy, materials and artificial intelligence. The aim is to be able to detect the virus and its products in a person’s exhalation after scanning and short processing at a very high level of reliability. When the product is defined as operational, it is expected to remove significant technological barriers in exhalation diagnosis, which may revolutionize the world of medical diagnosis. For the purpose of the test, a sterile sampling kit was developed, which takes a breath sample and after surgery using artificial intelligence, the presence of the virus can be detected.

Isothermal detection – a biochemical method that enables the detection of the virus in a saliva sample. An inexpensive sample kit has been developed for production, which detects the presence of the virus with the help of a chemical reaction to a heating of about 60 degrees. The kit is suitable for home use and gives a result within 30 minutes.

Polyamine acids – a biochemical method that allows the identification of proteins in corona virus products collected in a saliva sample. Using appropriate instrumentation, the sample can be analyzed in minutes.

“The entire Ministry of Defense is being mobilized to fight Corona,” Defense Minister Bnei Gantz said. “We hope that the strenuous research and development led by Mapat, together with our excellent academia and industries, will lead to a breakthrough that will change the way we diagnose and fight the virus, and will be a ‘break-even point’ in restarting the economy.”

Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi added: “Since the beginning of the global Corona crisis, the Foreign Ministry has been working to promote international cooperation and aid in dealing with the epidemic. I see great importance in cooperating with India in the fight against Corona. To help Israel, India and the whole world. “

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