Ismailov explained why he could not gain 103 kg for the fight with Emelianenko – RT in Russian


Russian fighter Magomed Ismailov told why he failed to reach a weight of 103 kg, which he called optimal for a duel with compatriot Alexander Emelianenko at the ACA 107 tournament in Sochi.

“It happened that in the offseason my weight reached 105 kilograms, but recently I tried to weigh no more than 95. Honestly, I thought that I could easily manage a hundred, but I didn’t get it. Summer, heat, stuffiness, appetite is not the same. At this time of the year, you lose a lot of water. If it had not been for the pandemic, everything would have gone according to plan, ”Ismailov told RT.

He noted that he was not worried about the significant difference in weight.

“Even when I ran into bigger guys on the street, I never assumed that something could interfere with me. When I pursue a goal, I want to prove something, it doesn’t matter. Yes, Emelianenko will be heavier, but I am also more massive now than usual, ”added the fighter.

Earlier it was reported that Emelianenko was more than 20 kg heavier than Ismailov before the fight in Sochi.

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