Is Shasha Bitton planning to leave the Likud?


There are quite a few elements in the political system who think that this rift between the chairman of the Corona committee, Yifat Shasha Bitton, and the Likud, which seeks to oust her from the committee, has created a rift that cannot be repaired – and sees this as an opportunity to recruit her. Bennett and Shasha Bitton to a meeting that they claim dealt with Corona, but may also have dealt with political matters, as sources in the political system estimate.

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The person who “exposed” the meeting was a security guard who stood outside Shasha Bitton’s office for a long time. An investigation revealed that this is a security guard of former Defense Minister Naftali Bennett, who is still hanging out with a security guard. The two were scheduled for an hour and a half, saying they talked mostly about the corona and economic issues.

However, the political system estimates that Bennett is trying to recruit Shasha Bitton. She is exactly the figure he wants in the upcoming election campaign – Shasha Bitton is recording a successful short term in the chairmanship of the Corona Commission, and in this context she may be helpful in identifying the right as a leader in the fight against the Corona. Shasha Bitton’s bureau said they met yesterday with a long line of political figures who met to bolster it ahead of the removal from the committee.

Is the chairman of the right trying to recruit Shasha Bitton to the right? | Photo: N12

Yesterday, Shasha Bitton responded to her dismissal in an interview with Gali Tzahal and said that her dismissal was intended to prevent serious discussions about the corona. “The prime minister decided to remove me from office,” Shasha Bitton confirmed the report from the previous day.

On Tuesday it was reported that it had been decided to remove Shasha Bitton from her post. Likud faction chairman Miki Zohar informed her that she was fired because he said she had violated coalition discipline. At the same time, MK Zohar sent a letter to a number of other Knesset members from his party informing them that he had decided to impose sanctions on them for violating coalition discipline.


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