Is Sammy back with his wife?


Bomb by Deianira Marzano, who lashes out against Sammy Hassan, suitor of Men and women and ex of Giovanna Abate. So the boy made fun of everyone? Did he never really break up with his wife?

There continues to be the most absolute mystery on what is happening or, better, what happened between Giovanna Abate e Sammy Hassan, protagonists of the last throne halfway between the Classic and the Over of Men and women. At the moment, the two are paused for reflection, as told by the same ex tronista, who needs to understand what is happening to her and Sammy and what may be between them in the future.

Deianira Marzano’s scoop on Sammy Hassan

To try to do clarity on the situation, also given the in the run of Hassan, who hid behind the silence, the well-known influencer thought about it Deianira Marzano, which dropped a real one bomb: Sammy would be back with the ex-wife Elena Cat.

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If it were only this … And instead there is much more: Marzano, in fact, insinuates that the two spouses have not never actually leftnot even when Sammy was wooing Giovanna Abate in the dating show of Maria De Filippi.


Deianira says she is quite sure of what she says and does it without hesitation. According to what reported by the well-known influencer in his Instagram Stories, in fact, there would already be many users who would have reported that Sammy Hassan would have decided to return with the Cat, with which the “flame” was rekindled and with which Sammy he had a son, his beloved Christian.

The reason that pushed Sammy not to reveal what is happening in his private life would have been the fear of losing consensus and followers. The ex suitor at the moment is still silent, does not deny and does not confirm.

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