is graphics a disaster? Crytek postpones the game!


Observing the reaction of shooter fans after watching the various Crysis Remastered gameplay leaks leaked on the net, Crytek has decided to postpone the presentation of the title to improve the product.

Crysis Remastered was due to be released on 23 July, but the Teutonic software house has chosen to postpone it for a few weeks to meet the requests received from those who, observing the video leaks that appeared on the net, expressed perplexity on the graphic tenor of the work.

In light of these doubts that emerged among shooter fans and long-time Nomad fans, even thegameplay presentation eventscheduled for July 1st, he jumped together with the opening of the pre-order phase on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One (except for Crysis Remastered on Nintendo Switch, they are already available on eShop afterwards).

According to Crytek, this extra time will be spent on finish the game and intervene with gods improvements which, however, have not been described in depth: it will be a simple optimization or a real one graphic review, maybe even just the brightly colored color palette that many discussions generated among those who observed the video leaks? While waiting to find out, we leave you to our in-depth video that summarizes the matter and, if you missed it, to our special to rediscover Crysis pending the Remastered.

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