Iranian justice suspends the execution of three protesters sentenced to death


They had participated in the protest movement launched after a rise in the price of gasoline in November 2019.

A final reprieve. Iran suspended Sunday July 19 the execution of three young people involved in the November 2019 protests and sentenced to death, said one of the defense lawyers. They had been convicted of “collusion with a view to attacking internal security” and having “set fire to and destroy public property with the intention of confronting the political system of the Islamic Republic”, a verdict which had caused widespread outrage.

“We have forwarded a request for reconsideration of the verdict to the Supreme Court and they have accepted it. We hope the verdict will be overturned.”, said Me Babak Paknia by telephone, who represents one of the three accused.

A protest movement erupted on November 15, 2019, upon the announcement of a sharp rise in the price of gasoline, in the midst of the economic crisis, and had affected around a hundred cities. Police stations had been attacked, shops looted, banks and gas stations burned down, and authorities imposed a week-long internet shutdown.

A group of UN rights experts criticized the Iranian court’s decision on Thursday and called on the Islamic Republic to overturn the convictions. France she said “deeply shocked” by the death sentences and reaffirmed “his constant opposition to the death penalty”. US President Donald Trump said in a tweet on Wednesday that “The execution of these three people would send a terrible message to the world and should not take place!”.

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