Iphone, be careful when copying passwords: that’s why


Iphone, it is alarm for some apps that would spy on and copy sensitive data such as passwords. The alarm is raised by researcher Tommy Mysk. Here is what emerged.

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Iphone, now the alarm for copying and pasting passwords is activated. To reveal the danger is a researcher Tommy Mysk, who indicated a list of approx 53 apps that take advantage of the contents of the clipboard without users being aware of it.

iPhone 12 2020
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Iphone, watch out for apps that spy on clipboards

So when pasting bank data, access key or other personal data, some applications would record this information without our awareness and authorization. Everything would happen in particular through the notepad. This is where the theft would take place, which would allow the data to be copied and further pasted to be reused for commercial purposes.

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But the question – in addition to the unwitting spy in general – is that often that section is used for personal and extremely delicate data. There would be in particular the Iphone operating system in the viewfinder, even if Apple promptly ran for cover with an update that will inform the user every time an application has stolen the information we have copied.

“This characteristic – Mysk complaint – it’s really dangerous and there is no reason why apps should read notepad. ” Among these, according to what emerges, there are also some giants such as Fox News, New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. But also games like Fruit Ninja or other references like Viber, Weibo and DAZN.

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