IPhone 12, the arrival on the market could slip


The suppliers with whom Apple buys the components to build its electronic devices see black: sales of theiPhone 12 could halve in 2020, reaching a maximum of 20 million pieces compared to the 40 million initially foreseen. And that’s because of Covid-19.

This is what the sector newspaper DigiTimes, based in Taipei (Taiwan), reports, right in the heart of the Asian silicon valley that supplies half the global electronics industry. In addition, according to DigiTimes, Apple could postpone the commercial launch of the iPhone 12, both because many of its suppliers had to stop during the lockdown, and because there are no excellent sales forecasts since consumers have suffered huge economic losses all over the world. All of this, by the way, just as Apple was replacing some Taiwanese suppliers with competitors based in China.

Because Apple changes suppliers

Apple in recent years has been the privileged customer of many companies that produce electronic components in Taiwan. According to DigiTimes, however, Apple is replacing these suppliers with others, this time Chinese, for save on production costs, move closer to the Chinese market and diversify the supply chain to limit the risk of interruption of supplies in the event of future lockdowns. Many of Apple’s new suppliers, by the way, would be well disposed to welcome the Cupertino company among customers (also making prices more than interesting), to cope with the lower sales to Huawei which, as is known, is bogged down in the arm wrestling with Donald Trump and has suffered a big drop in sales.

When the iPhone 12 arrives

In light of all this, however, it is not clear when theiPhone 12: Apple could also present it in September, as usual, but then distribute it to retailers with a delay of “a few weeks”. If there are technical conditions, Apple it will hardly delay much presentation of the new iPhone, because otherwise it will risk reaching the end of the year with very low sales statistics. Logically, given the late presentation, but that investors don’t like very much because it can be used as negative advertising by the competition.

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