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Inter can no longer do without Marcelo Brozovic. Who would have thought that that listless midfielder, criticized and often booed by the fans, would quickly become the central pivot of the team, as position and, above all, in importance. Irreplaceable.Go to Super6 and play for free, registering is very simple

HOW MUCH MISSING – Considerations already widespread in recent months, which the last games have strongly proposed. For a couple of weeks Brozovic has been standing still, due to a resentment to the posterior tibial muscle of the left leg. A muscle problem that forced Inter to play without his director in the challenges with Sampdoria, Sassuolo, Parma and Brescia. Games in which the absence of the Croatian was felt, all right. Don’t let the results fool you (3 wins and 1 draw, with three home games): the only match without suffering was the last one, the 6-0 against Rondinelle. Then the complicated 3-3 with Sassuolo, the comeback against Parma, after suffering for 80 minutes, and a narrow 2-1 against Sampdoria. Matches in which Inter faced a constant difficulty: building the game, slow, less fluid and more readable than usual, when it is instead entrusted to Brozovic.REQUESTS – However, Inter had no doubts even before. He knows the importance of the player, he knows how much Conte needs him. For this reason, the intention is to comply with the requests for renewal of the contract with adjustment of the engagement, currently of 3.5 million per season. Marotta is not in a hurry, Brozovic is ‘protected’ by a 60 million termination clause, and the agreement is still far from expiring (June 2022). Brozovic will still be satisfied, his salary will be adjusted. To Conte’s joy, who in the meantime recovers him for tomorrow’s match against Bologna. Irreplaceable, we said it.

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