Inter, top & flop: Lukaku scratches, Lautaro sinks. And Gagliardini …


Ok also Lukaku: hooked Ronaldo the Phenomenon; 20 goals in the first 30 in A. For Toro the black period continues

Few lights and lots of shadows: Inter throws themselves away when the second place seemed one step away, condemned by the mistakes of Lautaro and Gagliardini who put Bologna back in the game.

Flop: Lautaro

The moment is black, little to say. He has two great flicks in the first half, but the post says no and then Danilo is good at getting his shot out of the way. But he is nervous, it shows. And when he goes to the diskette he is not calm.

Flop: Gagliardini

Speaking of luck … Recommended trip to Lourdes. After hitting the crossroads in the desert with Sassuolo, today the spot of the resounding smooth that leads to the draw of Bologna. Before, he would have the chance for the 2-0 on the plate, but on the rejection of the penalty hit Skorupski. Inter are tired and on the Emilian restart they also turn empty. Who is the only central midfielder ever present in the post lockdown.

Top: Lukaku

He is not the usual dominant Lukaku, but he scratches (20th goal in A in 30 games, like Ronaldo the Phenomenon …) and he fights as long as he has. Bad luck for Inter does not even find the flicker to close it (goal canceled by touch). Goes -1 from the record of personal goals in one season: only smile on a bad day.

Top: Candreva

The suitcase has emptied her for a long time. After being one step away from the farewell, Conte’s arrival gave him another youth and a renewed technical-tactical importance. In the black afternoon, one of the few to escape.

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