Inter, the “valued” and the “involute” of Conte


From Candreva, Lautaro and Lukaku to Skriniar, Godin and Eriksen: who has blossomed in the technician’s form and who is struggling to find safety

The end-of-year evaluations, now evoked with some frequency by Antonio Conte, are approaching, although there are seven games to play in the championship and a Europa League to try to make headway. For the nerazzurri renewal that began last summer, it will soon be time to take stock and the team’s latest releases have highlighted problems that have not been resolved in these months, and they counterbalance the evident progress that the first part of the season had shown. Conte has been able to bring out the best, as has often happened in his career, from a large group of players, but there is another who has struggled more than expected and allowed to insert himself in the new module and in the new philosophy , for faults which is complex to divide between the players themselves and the coach.

The valued

Let’s start with those who blossomed this year, a group led by the attacking couple. Lukaku was a not obvious bet, especially after the farewell to Icardi: the Belgian under the guidance of Antonio improved his average goal and immediately proved dominant in our championship, also contributing to the Lautaro explosion. Before the current drop, attributable to the lack of “psychological” calm, Toro reached crack prices, perfectly fitting into the offensive game of the Lecce coach. Proportional growth was also seen in De Vrij, particularly at ease in the role of central defense in threesome and grew in an important way. The young Bastoni and Barella were inserted in the list, successfully and consistently inserted in a big stage. And without injuries there would also be a place for Sensi. For Candreva then it is a real rebirth: as a player on the margins and contested with security and resource on the right wing.

Those involved

If the 3-5-2 contiano has enhanced the characteristics of some elements of the squad, there are those who have struggled to find themselves in the assigned tasks, ending up being penalized more than valued: this is the case of at least two elements of what should have been the titular defense, Skriniar and Godin. It is clear that the three-way defense only partially explains the decline in performance, especially of the Slovakian, who despite having received constant confidence has shown problems from various points of view and has seen his every statistical voice drop. Godin never really entered the mechanisms, having to profoundly change his way of interpreting the role: he was also bypassed in the internal hierarchies. But even in midfield there are those who have lost ground: this is the case of Vecino, often decisive with Spalletti and rarely convincing in the season (also due to injuries). A drop in confidence and a stop in growth has also been seen for Brozovic, who although remaining (particularly in the first part of the season) on medium-high levels has often seemed less functional in this set-up than in the previous one. The paradox is that, due to a short department, Epic has nevertheless remained fundamental. Then there is the Eriksen question, never resolved even after the lockdown and the change of form: not being able to fully exploit its qualities remains a concern and a case to be addressed.

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