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Antonio Conte does not look over his shoulder, he always looks at the horizon. And now, the horizon, he says Juve leaders, Atalanta e Lazio in front, and Inter fourth in the standings. He wanted to win against the Verona to move to -8 from his Juventus past, instead he is now at -10 points. The championship has yet to end, arithmetically nothing is still precluded, but on the roadmap, Conte, did not expect to be so late: the comparison compared to his early years with Juve e Chelsea it is definitely negative. BETTER THAN SHOULDER – Average points at Inter: 2.07. Positive, there is no doubt: better than that of Spalletti, who in the first year (1.89 points per game, with 72 points at the end of the season) went better than the second (69 points, with an average of 1, 82 points per game), but worse than himself.

WORSE THAN – At the Juve, with a team that came from two seventh places, unmotivated, out of everything, wins the title against Milan di Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Allegri, Robinho, duck, Cassano, Seedorf and company: 84 points and 2.21 on average. He does even better at Chelsea: in a club that was spending less than in previous years, which was starting to cut costs compared to the beginning, Conte wins the Premier, makes 93 points and averages 2.45 points per game. So far, therefore, the Conte factor is there, because Inter has certainly improved, but it is still not seen. Also because, compared to the past, it has a team that has invested in the market: Lichtsteiner had arrived at Juve, Pirlo, Vidal, Elia, Estigarribia, Giaccherini, Pazienza and Vucinic, al Chelsea David Luiz, Marcos Alonso, Kanté e Batshuayi; all’Inter Lukaku, Sanchez, Eriksen, Godin, Sensi, Stretcher, Lazaro, more Moses e Young in January. The worst first Earl of the past 10 years. With a season that has yet to end. And in which Conte hoped to be ahead.

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