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Afternoon commitment to theInter, which tomorrow at 17.15 will face the Bologna for the 30th day of Serie A. The nerazzurri are veterans from the 6-0 trimmed to Brescia, the coach Antonio Conte submit to Inter TV the challenge with the team of Sinisa Mihajlovic: “It starts after a good game, played well and at a high pace for the whole 90 minutes, the enthusiasm component is important, but it must be daily. When we go to Appiano to work this enthusiasm we transfer it to the field, the team is fine and he wants to do it. We know we are meeting a team that is physically well and I think it will be a good match, “he reports AND MIHAJLOVIC – “It is a team that has great values, coached by an excellent technician who is Sinisa. It is a formation that plays at very high pace, I remember the first leg that we won but not easily, recovering the 1-0 to conquer the three points. We know what race will wait for us tomorrow, the boys are prepared. We also like to play at a high pace, with courage and aggression, I expect a good game, knowing that Bologna is a hard rock to overcome. Palacio is doing a great championship, even in the first leg he played an incredible match against us, he is a player with great football intelligence who plays for the team. Sinisa is a technician who has shown all his value, as well as being a person of great human values so I have a lot of respect and that I love. We know we have to face a tough obstacle, we should be very good and give all of ourselves to try to overcome it “.

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PLAY AT 5.15 PM – “For us it will be the first time at this time, it will be very hot for us and for them, we will have to see what pace we will be able to have for the whole 90 minutes, but we are two teams that like to press high, so I don’t think that the climate can totally change the game idea of ​​the two teams “.

SIX DIFFERENT MARKERS AGAINST BRESCIA – “It is a characteristic of this team, the fact that they score 6 different players in the same game means that we lead several men to attack, that we have an offensive type of football. There is a statistic that shows that Inter is the team in which they have scored more players, which means that there is total involvement in both the possession and non-possession phase which also leads to the central defenders because there are situations in which they too must attack “.

ROTATION – “It is important to have the possibility of having plenty in the squad because it allows you to rotate and create competition within the group, then the daily work allows every single player to enter without problems because those who enter know exactly what to do. It is right to do rotations, the important thing is that there is a job behind it and that whoever enters knows what to do “.

BROZOVIC – “We are happy to have Brozo available again, he had this little problem with his twin which is now solved, it is inevitable that he has lost a few days of training compared to the others and therefore a bit of condition but the important thing is that has recovered physically and is available, so we will evaluate what is best for him, so that he will be ready and go back to playing. “

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